Highlights from the past year in the POAP ecosystem!

Year in POAP

2023 was another wildly successful trip around the sun in the POAP ecosystem. This week's newsletter showcases some highlights from the past 12 months!


Top publications across the world and the most important voices in Web3 had something to say about POAP, including:

  • 🎨 Designboom covered a POAP dropping during Milan Design Week, while L'Officiel and Numéro discussed the POAPs at an interactive art exhibit at the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • 🏦 As part of a series of articles on digital identity, JP Morgan published a piece on Web3 building blocks with a long section on the role of POAPs.
  • 📈 Messari published "Solving the DAO Data Problem" and wrote how DAOs can utilize POAPs for attestations.
  • 🦘 The Australian government discussed POAPs in a paper on token mapping.
  • ⛳️ The American Express POAPs at the U.S. Open Golf Championships were covered in Golf Digest, Fortuneand HYPEBEAST. American Express also mentioned the POAP in an interview with six-time PGA Tour winner Tony Finau.


There was no shortage of POAP love on social. People posted about how POAPs are ubiquitous with Web3, why they love curation, and just because they wanted to show off their precious collectibles:


POAP delivered product launches and design updates, and celebrated successful collaborations at conferences across the globe.

  • 🚀 Official product launches included POAP Drops to make dropping POAPs more streamlined and fun, POAP Family for finding collectors in common across drops, and POAP Checkout to let issuers easily sell POAPs. The nostalgic IRL minting experience that is POAP Station also recently got a test run – just one of many exciting initiatives on the horizon.
  • 🧑‍🎨 POAP Fun, POAP Scan, and poap.xyz received a totally revamped user experience; POAP Kiosk got a refreshed look and so did the POAP minting flow.
  • 💪 The Commercial Use Policy went live to ensure a sustainable POAP ecosystem; the POAP Curation Body website was updated to include guidelines on specific use cases, distribution, and commercial use.
  • 🎉 POAP Studio celebrated two years in business.
  • ✍️ Just last week, adding artist attribution metadata to POAPs began a beta rollout (check out this Patricio birthday POAP as an example).

As usual, POAPs were dropped at major conferences throughout the year. In total, the POAP team gave out 30,000+ POAP stickers, pins, and patches and 5,000+ POAP FAQ flyers at events in 2023, including:

  • 🏔️ 26,000+ POAPs minted at ETHDenver in March, such as this fantastic goat Patricio POAP.
  • 🍎 NFT NYC in April, which held an elaborate POAP treasure hunt from 9dcc.
  • 🇫🇷 Hundreds of POAPs at EthCC in Paris in July, including 600 collectors that visited the POAP booth.
  • 🤠 In September, Permissionless II in Austin had a POAP pub crawl and a general attendance POAP at the world's largest DeFi event:
  • 🇹🇷 In November at Devconnect in Istanbul, the POAP team hosted a happy hour with a POAP Fun raffle for some nice LEGO sets and made appearances at events all around the city throughout the week. The always exceptional POAP design team went the extra mile with Devconnect swag:
  • 🌴 Most recently, lots of POAP Fun at Art Basel in Miami, with people winning some pretty cool prizes and Rug Radio partnering with POAP Studio to conduct a POAP scavenger hunt at the RHAUS villa.


A whole host of builders and collaborators launched new POAP integrations or upgraded existing ones:


What do all these mainstream brands and niche communities have in common? They all dropped POAPs in 2023, of course. Here's to many more in '24.

  • Coinbase x POAP helped fans commemorate big sporting events:
    • POAP at the WNBA Commissioner's Cup Championship in Las Vegas.
    • POAP during the jersey retirement ceremony for WNBA legend Sue Bird; the Seattle Storm discussed the POAP in their press release.
    • A POAP at Madison Square Garden during a New York Knicks game:
2023 had POAPs in all corners of the planet.
    • POAP at a vegan cooking workshop in Munich.
    • POAP at a regatta in Lisbon.
    • POAP for a sauna and frigid swim in Lake Starnberg.
    • POAP at an awesome curling sesh in Berlin.
    • A POAP at a yoga session in Portland and a breathwork session in Los Angeles.
    • POAPs for purchasing candles as part of a fundraiser, and at trash cleanups and beach cleanups.
    • POAP at an enchanted village gathering in England.
    • POAP for participating in a memorial golf tournament in Chicago.
    • A friendship POAP.
    • Commemorating 20 years of family vacations with a POAP.
    • POAP for watching the sunset.