News from the POAP ecosystem

Week in POAP


  • Reporting from Permissionless in Austin, Blockworks recapped Vitalik Buterin's keynote speech where he discussed his excitement for decentralized social networks and cited POAP as a building block.
  • The South Coast Chapter of the California Native Plant Society blogged about their upcoming POAP drop during their fall plant sale.
  • People on social are excited about the POAP x Amex integration, and they want POAPs during Disney+ shows.



Tomorrow, Wednesday Sep 20, POAP x Goldsky are hosting a happy hour in Manhattan to celebrate one year since POAP partnered with Goldsky to provide a faster, more responsive experience. If you are in the area, RSVP and stop by for a nice POAP!
  • Want to join an innovative team working at the forefront of tech? POAP is seeking a talented front-end developer.


Kazm, the Web3-powered loyalty platform, integrates POAPs!

The mission of Kazm is to cultivate engaged communities through gamified membership, shared experiences, and meaningful recognition for contributions. Communities can use Kazm's no-code platform to reward active members with customized cross-platform quests and experiences, including rewards for holding certain POAPs.

From the Kazm team: "We've always been huge fans of POAP so we jumped at the chance to bring these powerful collectibles into our product. It's particularly exciting to think of a community with a history of POAPs incorporating those experiences into a program that identifies and rewards their biggest fans. We're also excited to offer existing Kazm communities a new tool for driving and recognizing participation."

In a few simple steps, communities can use Kazm to reward POAP holders.

Learn more at and follow @kazmapp for the latest!


  • Google Cloud continued dropping POAPs in Singapore (one, two, three, four, five)
  • Isabel participated in a panel at the United Nations Science Summit to discuss the potential of Web3 technologies to address the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and there was a POAP for those who attended the talk (LinkedIn post with more info).
  • There were a variety of POAPs dropped during a scavenger hunt in Berlin that showcased POAP Studio's "POAP Passport."
  • Sweat Economy, Blockworks Research, and XPR Network each dropped a POAP during a pub crawl at Permissionless in Austin (more highlights from Permissionless in last week's newsletter):
NFC POAP minting during a pub crawl pit stop.
  • Other drops continued at Permissionless, including from Boys Club and at the wrap party.
  • SYKY x British Fashion Council dropped a POAP at an event during London Fashion Week to celebrate SYKY's new platform launch.
  • VALÉ dropped a POAP at a show in Los Angeles.
  • Blond:ish dropped a POAP at a show in Zürich.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped POAPs at shows in Italy and Belgrade.
  • Club CPG dropped a POAP to kick off their fall accelerator cohort.
  • Azuki Singapore dropped a POAP at their "Into the Garden City" event in Singapore.
  • At Milan Fashion Week, a POAP for attending a talk on using Web3 tech in the fashion industry.
  • MakersPlace also dropped a POAP during Milan Fashion Week.
  • Bayer dropped a POAP at a cleanup day in Berlin.
  • Pudgy Penguins Europe dropped a POAP at their booth during a conference in Zürich: