News and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP



  • POAP Checkout dropped a POAP for testing out a new fiat payment system 👀
  • 601 people visited the POAP booth at EthCC and collected the POAP.


Club CPG launches W, a Saas loyalty platform that incorporates POAPs!

Club CPG has developed the W platform, which brands and communities can use to reward their members and followers while unlocking critical insights. With W, users connect their wallets to a streamlined interface that automatically calculates points, levels, and rewards eligibility based on user activity.

Brands and communities that use W can distribute and assign points for any token, contribution, or metric they desire, as well as customize the rewards for users who reach certain point totals. As an example, for the Club CPG community, Club CPG POAPs provide a set number of points, while other NFTs provide varying points based on their assign value. Over time, collectors gain levels and earn rewards.

From Chris Cantino, Club CPG founder: "Consumers are demanding rewards far more exceptional and attention-grabbing than those provided by Web2 membership models. W helps communities bridge the gap between member participation and fully integrated reward experiences. POAPs play an integral role in that."

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More builder news


  • Johnnie Walker x World of Women dropped another POAP as part of the "Watch Women's Sports" series of events (tweet with more info).
  • Farcaster dropped a POAP at their EthCC meetup.
  • A POAP at the Web3 Leaders Forum in Paris.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped a POAP at a show in Montecrestese, Italy.
  • The Cupertino Union School District Innovative Institute dropped a POAP during a presentation on cardboard creations, microbits, and Tinkercad in Santa Clara.
  • XPRIZE dropped another POAP as part of its XPRIZE Carbon Removal Showcase.
  • The KfW Development Bank dropped a POAP in Frankfurt during an open day on tech sovereignty.
  • Nothing Projects x Decasonic dropped a POAP at a Web3 investor day in Chicago.
  • A POAP at the VRTO conference in Toronto.
  • POAPs at meetups in Bern, Munich, Fukuoka, and an inaugural meetup in Edmonton (tweet).
  • Wedding POAPs in Paris and Tegucigalpa.