News and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP


  • Yahoo and NFT Evening were among the publications to pick up the exciting news that Brave Talk now allows users to gate access to video calls with POAPs and other NFTs. See "Third Party Time" below for more info.
  • French pop singer Aya Nakamura dropped a POAP in Paris; the Head of Media and Digital Marketing at Warner Music France and POAP Studio posted on LinkedIn with more details.
  • ENS announced they will be at ETHPrague with more personalized POAP cards.



Brave Talk launches token-gated video calls!

Brave Software announced the latest Web3-friendly feature from Brave Talk; token-gated video calls, which (of course) includes POAPs. Web3 calling expands utility for Brave's browser-native Brave Wallet; together, they create the first-ever fully integrated Web3 live event platform that combines browser, wallet, and video. Token-gated calls opens up many new possibilities, such as communities holding calls only for holders of specific POAPs or other NFTs, or creators rewarding select fans who hold their POAPs with exclusive access to a video chat.

From the Brave team: "POAP was a natural fit for this important new aspect of Web3 Brave Talk. Using the existing infrastructure of POAPs made it simple to create a system for verifiable credentials. Integration of POAP was seamless and technical support was excellent. We are proud to support POAP and excited to expand our Web3 features and explore more unique ways that token-gating can bring value to video calls."

Check out the Brave blog post for more info.


  • You can now watch the full recording of Patricio's talk from ETHGlobal Lisbon on the future of POAP and the NFT ecosystem:


  • The Aya Nakamura POAP.
  • Allianz dropped a POAP during the "Allianz Accelerates" event.
  • dropped a POAP during their May community call.
  • A POAP for playing capture the flag in England.
  • A POAP for attending a Solidity class in Argentina and a POAP for attending an Ethereum workshop in Lima.
  • POAPs for meetups in Berlin, Paris, Switzerland, Thailand, and Montevideo.