News and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP


  • Vitalik Buterin blogged about Ethereum's three major technical transitions needed for it to become "a mature tech stack that is capable of actually bringing an open, global and permissionless experience to average users." One of those was in privacy because "having all transactions (and POAPs, etc) available publicly for literally anyone to see is far too high a privacy sacrifice for many users."
  • The Seattle Storm issued a press release about Sue Bird's jersey retirement that discussed the POAP for the event. GeekWire also picked up the story.
  • The School of Visual Arts in New York will be dropping POAPs to 2023 graduates and created some POAP FAQs.



Perk Shop, the platform for token-gating perks, now enables token-gated access for email addresses that reserved POAPs!

Perk Shop has enabled communities and brands to token-gate access or discounts to perks such as merchandise, tickets, or raffles for a while (see their feature in this newsletter from November 2022). They have now launched an exciting, first-of-its-kind POAP integration that allows collectors who reserve their POAP with an email address to get the same token-gated benefits as collectors who mint their POAP to an Ethereum wallet.

The process is simple; after reserving a POAP with an email address, a collector can login to Perk Shop using that same email and claim any perks that are attached to those POAPs:

The login screen for POAPs reserved with email.

Besides a 1-1 claim for a perk, Perk Shop also supports more elaborate gated access rules such as “must collect 5 of these 10 POAPs.”

From the Perk Shop team: “One of the best parts about POAP is that it’s accessible both to Web3 folks who have a wallet already and new folks who can simply get their POAP with an email address. Providing utility to both is critical and we’re working with POAP Studio on a few activations coming soon!”

Other recent updates include a Shopify plugin for NFTs that have one-time claims for physical goods. Perk Shop is officially coming out of beta this week and self-serve plans start at $99. Follow Perk Shop on Twitter @theperkshop to keep up with the latest!

More builder news:

  • Salsa announced a major upgrade that includes the ability to create POAP-gated groups.
  • launched a POAP integration that allows people to create and distribute POAPs from Uniqly garments. They also put it into practice at an IRL event. More on next week.


  • The Seattle Storm x Coinbase dropped a POAP during the jersey retirement ceremony for WNBA legend Sue Bird.
  • Amex x the U.S. Open started dropping POAPs at the open national championship of golf in Los Angeles. The drops will continue through the weekend.
  • Sotheby's dropped a POAP at their GRAILS panel on the rise of longform generative art.
  • Porsche dropped a POAP at an event in Germany.
  • Gryffin dropped another POAP at a concert, this time in Philadelphia.
  • Paris Hilton dropped a POAP in Los Angeles at her first solo concert.
  • The Protein community dropped a POAP at a talk from entrepreneur Amber Atherton in London (and tweeted about it).
  • At NFC Lisbon, H.R. Giger's Necronom (Alien III) sculpture was on display. Those who viewed it IRL could mint a POAP that will provide them presale access for when the work is tokenized later this month.
  • SuperRare's top 100 collector POAP for the month of May.
  • Coinbase Wallet dropped a POAP at a company offsite in New York.
  • Coinbase dropped POAPs at employee block parties in 25 cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Toronto, Vancouver, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Manila, and Singapore.
  • The Head of Business disruption at Bayer dropped a POAP at the Web3 Berlin conference (and tweeted about it).
  • A POAP for attending ETHPrague.
  • A POAP for attending the Prague DeFi Summit.
  • A POAP in Monza, Italy, at a nonprofit event to raise awareness for bone marrow donations in the fight against leukemia.
  • A POAP at LA Tech Week.
  • POAPs at meetups in Berlin, Tallinn, Tokyo, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Portland, and Palo Alto.
  • A camping POAP!