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This Week in POAP


  • POAP was a hit at NFT Paris. Many POAPs were dropped, including one for attending. Check out a recap from POAP Studio, who were official sponsors of the event.
  • CoinDesk published (and Yahoo picked up) a story about a new Web3 workout community from Peloton's Robin ArzΓ³n and mentioned how POAPs can be used to incentivize participation in these types of communities.



Taho, the community-owned wallet, displays POAPs!

Taho wants everyone to have access to Web3, and created a wallet with a mission of access for all, with all code open source and in-wallet revenue distributed back to users (read the Taho Pledge for more). To top it off, users automatically see their POAPs in one aggregated overview, including the title, description, and date:

POAP newsletter graphic.png

With their recent integration of, users now also receive in-wallet notifications for eligible POAP Deliveries. Much like POAP has a mission as a public good, Taho aims to be a public good for the Web3 ecosystem and build with their community. Certainly all communities will be pleased to see their POAPs!

From the Taho team: "POAPs reflect moments in your life, such as an achievement, a person you met, or an event you attended. We believe these moments shouldn't be tucked away, but prominently visible in your wallet for you to easily browse and relive these memories!"

In addition to POAPs, Taho is also dropping puppies at ETHDenver this year. Find them in the Zen Zone this Saturday, March 4th. Follow Taho on Twitter @taho_xyz.


  • Happening now: a POAP for attending ETHDenver, the four-year anniversary of when POAP was created. There are many, many POAPs currently at ETHDenver. More details after the conference concludes.


  • KnownOrigin x Deadfellax dropped a POAP during their "Draw the Undead" 2022 artwork auction (Deadfellaz tweet).
  • KnownOrigin x Deadfellaz also dropped a POAP for visiting their exhibit at NFT Factory.
  • There was a POAP at the WXw3 exhibition in Paris hosted by World of Women, The Fabricant, Eyes of Fashion, and MakersPlace.
  • Warner Music Group dropped a POAP at an internal meeting on Web3.
  • Rug Radio dropped a POAP during a party with Yuga Labs and Improbable at NFT Paris.
  • Liverpool FC's fan club LFC Heroes dropped a POAP to commemorate their match against Real Madrid.
  • The Flying Formations NFT project, which was designed by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield (notably designed Air Jordans), dropped a POAP to commemorate the one-year anniversary of their launch. Collectors were eligible to enter a POAP Fun raffle for a pair of limited edition Nikes.
  • The Knuckleheads podcast dropped another POAP, this time during an episode featuring NBA legend Dominique Wilkins.
  • Collab.Land dropped a POAP during a talk on how to safely claim their airdrop.
  • The Gnosis Ethereum Meetup in Lisbon dropped another POAP.