News and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP


  • Vogue Singapore published a piece on how Gmoney is disrupting luxury with his 9dcc brand and detailed various Gmoney and 9dcc POAP activations.
  • Glossy previewed the upcoming "Metaverse Beauty Week" and discussed Lottie London's POAP drops from 2022.
  • A Medium post on NFT ticketing highlighted POAPs and the Tokenproof functionality currently used by Adidas.
  • BITKRAFT Ventures blogged about user acquisition in blockchain gaming and discussed possible ways to integrate POAPs in the strategy.
  • A LinkedIn post from the Head of Digital Distruption at Bayer recapping recent events where Bayer employees dropped POAPs.



Web3 utility platform Tropee integrates POAPs!

The mission of Tropee is to empower the Web3 community to create and discover token-gated utilities for their NFTs, including POAPs. With Tropee, anyone can easily list a perk or product and then token-gate access to it. You can can also assign multiple requirements for access, such as both a POAP and another NFT. Anyone who connects their wallet can then discover all the exciting utilities available to them via the Tropee platform, such as drops, giveaways, and raffles.

From the Tropee team: "The low barriers for entry give POAPs great potential for increasing adoption. We are excited to have POAPs play an active role on Tropee!"

The Tropee team recently put their money where their mouth is and raffled off a Ledger Nano X to anyone who had their POAP from meeting them at Paris Blockchain Week. Future plans also include the ability to tokenize the utilities themselves, so stay tuned for more info! Watch the demo below for a walkthrough of all that Tropee currently offers:


  • Salesforce dropped a POAP for attending their World Tour Paris event and another POAP for visiting the Salesforce Museum at the event (POAP Studio LinkedIn post with more details and photos).
  • Porsche dropped a POAP at an event in Budapest.
  • CoinFund used an IYK disc to drop a POAP at their recent annual meeting:
Tap phone, receive POAP.
  • Nouns DAO dropped a POAP at the Nouns Fair at ETHGlobal Lisbon.
  • Crypto Packaged Goods dropped a POAP during CPG Accelerator Pitch Day.
  • POAPs (one and two) for attending gallery exhibits in Manila.
  • A POAP for attending NFT Cluj in Romania.
  • A POAP for a sports day with friends in Prague.
  • A POAP for attending a digital transformation workshop in Hong Kong.
  • A POAP to celebrate Arbor Day in Idaho Falls.