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Week in POAP


  • POAP had a big presence at Art Basel in Miami. There were several POAP Fun raffles as well as POAP drops at events throughout the week, including a POAP scavenger hunt at the Rug Radio RHAUS that used the POAP Studio passport. Check out our LinkedIn post with more details on RHAUS. Links to top drops from Art Basel below.
  • Adding artist attribution metadata to POAPs has begun a beta rollout (check out this Patricio birthday POAP as an example).



  • A POAP for attending the Google Developer Group DevFest in Hong Kong.
  • Scroll dropped a POAP at the first Scroll Up event in Japan (LinkedIn post from the event).
  • The Zo House dropped a POAP at a POAP Collector's gathering during ETHIndia 2023. The event included Patricio as a guest and a POAP Fun raffle; check out the POAP Moments for some nice photos.
  • The Graph and 1inch also dropped POAPs at ETHIndia (more POAPs from this and affiliated events in last week's newsletter).
  • A POAP for attending Funding the Commons during Taipei Blockchain Week:
  • Station F dropped a POAP at an event in Paris.
  • The SAP Labs team dropped a POAP at a Christmas party in Munich.
  • A POAP for participating in the 2023 BlazCTF.
  • A POAP at a wine tasting in Germany.
  • The "Christmas in a Box" organization dropped a POAP to volunteers.
  • The artist Bryan Brinkman dropped a You Met Me POAP at Art Basel: