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Week in POAP



  • Modex dropped a POAP at a Romanian Football Federation press conference.
  • CNRS Engineering dropped a POAP for participating in a biology research group in Bordeaux.
  • Burning Man dropped a POAP to attendees of the Burners Without Borders Summit.
  • The Hague Conference on Private International Law dropped a POAP for attendees of the first working meeting of their digital tokens project:
  • Street Outreach dropped another POAP for spreading love in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.
  • Bayer dropped a POAP at a fundraiser in Berlin.
  • The VeeFriends community dropped a POAP for participating in a fitness challenge.
  • World of Women dropped a POAP during a Space on Web3 marketing, and another POAP to celebrate joining the Tezos ecosystem:
  • A POAP at a SheFi graduation party in the metaverse.
  • The Miami Farcaster community dropped another POAP at a meetup.
  • Mediamoss Hayfish dropped a POAP at the DigiDay conference in Hagen.
  • Base, BUILD, and Talent Protocol dropped a POAP at a brunch event in Lisbon to celebrate the start of Onchain Summer:
  • Warner Music Mexico employees dropped a POAP at a May birthday event.
  • Another birthday POAP in Mexico.
  • Wedding POAP trifecta in Los Angeles: a wedding week POAP, a rehearsal dinner POAP, and a ceremony POAP.
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