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Week in POAP


EthCC[7] is happening now in Brussels! There are hundreds of POAPs dropping, with the official EthCC POAP Collection growing by the hour. The conference welcome banner tracked event engagement over its 7-year history, including POAPs collected, and there's been lots of love for POAP and the new mobile app (App Store, Play Store):

POAP helped kick things off on Sunday with f/cc, a community-driven event for Farcasters. More than 250 people collected the POAP, aided by a nifty new check-in process that airdropped POAPs to attendees and notified them via DM on Warpcast. During the evening, a live setup encouraged collectors to snap photos and upload them, and dozens of POAP Moments were shared:


The delightful experiences didn't stop there; there was also a magical coin machine that dispensed POAP patches (and more cats) and a magic hat with a magical POAP. If you couldn't attend in person, check out this highlight video created by a POAP community member to feel the FOMO.

Next week's newsletter will have a full recap of everything else POAP from Brussels. If you're there now, do your best to bump into the POAP team to collect some rare swag to flaunt throughout the week, and in perpetuity:


  • Mensa dropped a POAP in Kansas City at their Annual Gathering.
  • Coop Records dropped a POAP at an event in Los Angeles, where many collectors were onboarded with their first wallet and POAP:
  • Richie Hawtin dropped a POAP at a show in Germany.
  • A POAP for completing an Optimism blockchain course at Cenfotec University in Costa Rica.
  • A POAP at an art exhibit in Lagos:
  • A birthday POAP in Paris.
  • A POAP for completing a grueling, yet glorious, cycling adventure through the Alps.
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