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Week in POAP


  • Vitalik's latest blog post on making Ethereum Cypherpunk again discussed how "we are not here to just create isolated tools and games, but rather build holistically toward a more free and open society and economy, where the different parts - technological, social and economic - fit into each other." In a table comparing traditional tech to decentralized tech, he listed signing in with POAPs as one of the decentralized alternatives to current Web2 tech like Sign in with Google.
  • The Robb Report profiled Lucas Verra from POAP Studio.
  • Bank Automation News interviewed Stephanie Schultz, Vice President and Head of Partnerships at Amex Digital Labs; she highlighted digital collectibles as a successful example of emerging tech Amex has used and discussed the Amex POAP drops at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.
  • Billboard covered Medallion's new funding round that includes Metallica as an investor, and mentioned POAP Ventures was an investor in the previous funding round.
  • A professor in Hamburg shared the details of an NFT-based gamification initiative for students that included points for POAPs collected at each class.
  • A video recap of the POAP Collectors Gathering in Bangalore, which was attended by Patricio and included a POAP Fun raffle.



  • Adidas dropped a POAP to 2023 ALTS holders to celebrate their two-year anniversary in Web3. They also posted about their successful NFT NYC POAP scanvenger hunt and gave away some more NFT NYC swag via Tropee.
  • BAYC embedded an NFC chip into its Mutant Mudder Honda so anyone can tap their device to the front grill and mint a POAP.
  • Beeple Studios dropped a POAP at their Winter Wonderland event in Charleston.
  • NFTUK dropped a POAP at their Digital Futures event at SamsungKX in London that included a panel talk with Robby Yung (CEO of Animoca Brands), Shama Rahman (Founder of NeuroCreate), Daniel Cheetham (Founder of Hot Dark Matter), and Omri Bouton (Panel Moderator and Emerging Tech Lawyer at Sheridans):
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  • The Museum of Contemporary Art in Australia dropped a POAP at their Artbar Summer event.
  • The POAP for attending Devconnect Istanbul was retroactively dropped to verified attendees, and people were excited to share the news.
  • A POAP at a youth entrepreneurship workshop at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in partnership with the Government of Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development.
  • Sofar Sounds dropped another POAP at a concert in Berlin.
  • The Graph celebrated its third birthday with POAPs at parties in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, and Tokyo:
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  • A POAP at a thesis colloquium in Germany.
  • A POAP at a fundraising walk in Singapore.
  • A POAP at the End Your Year Strong Summit in Atlanta.
  • Patricio's January 2024 POAP.