POAP Weekly: March 1, 2022


  • The International Business Times wrote about the formation of UkraineDAO and the sale of a 1/1 NFT of the Ukrainian flag to raise funds for Ukraine; anyone who purchases fractionalized ownership of the NFT will receive a POAP.
  • The UkraineDAO news (and anticipated POAP) was also covered in NFTevening, Coinspeaker, HackerNoon, and in Italian on HTML.it.
  • Salah Zalatimo, CEO of Voice, wrote an article for Adweek on why brands should use NFTs, specifically highlighting POAP as a great option.
  • TechCrunch covered Katherine Wu's departure from Coinbase Ventures to join early-stage crypto VC firm Archetype, and mentioned Archetype's previous investment in POAP.
  • A MomentRanks blog post, written by the pseudonymous corporate trash, had a pretty detailed overview of POAPs.
  • Investing.com published a Crypto Briefing explainer on Decentraland that emphasized that one should collect any and all POAPs encountered in the metaverse due to potential future utility.
  • The same article in French, via TechTribune.
  • Investing.com also published something in Portuguese about Ethereum and the metaverse, and quoted Vitalik Buterin's "Soulbound" blog post.
  • BTC-Echo published something in German that discusses using a Ledger wallet to keep NFTs safe, and mentions Ledger Live integration with POAPs.
  • Crypto News Flash wrote about play-to-earn gaming and a game called Battle Drones that rewards players with POAPs (editor's note: unable to verify this claim).
  • Bandwagon Asia wrote about the Singaporean indie band Forests giving away POAPs at their metaverse debut.
  • A HackerNoon article on MoonDAO mentioned (in a rather confusing paragraph) a MoonDAO POAP.
Happy Carnival

Cool Drops

  • Swisscom, a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, intends to use POAPs as part of a mobile phone donation campaign for Ukraine.
  • As was anticipated from news clips last week, Sotheby's dropped a POAP at the Diriyah Biennale in Saudi Arabia:
A QR code projected on the screen in Diriyah (no farming occurred!)
  • Richie Hawtin released more POAPs for attending shows and continued to tweet about it:
  • Boy George held a metaverse performance and attendees received a POAP.
  • Photos and more details on the POAP dropped to commemorate the launch of a collab between the department store Selfridges and the work of artist Victor Vasarely and contemporaries (also see website in Gallery page for more info).

Third Party Time

  • GitPOAP was featured on the Wholesome Crypto podcast: