POAP Weekly: March 8, 2022


  • Decrypt was one of many publications to cover the crypto donations to the Ukrainian government, UkraineDOA, and subsequent POAPs.
  • More Ukraine x POAP news: Decrypt again, Crypto Potato, Crypto Briefing, WION, AMBCrypto (Spanish), Cryptotendencias (Spanish), HTML.it (Italian), Observatorio Blockchain (Spanish), Verslas (Lithuanian), Benzinga, Crypto Insiders (Dutch), Bitcoin.pl (Polish)
  • Missed from late February: Identity Review wrote "The Ultimate Guide to DAO-Tooling" and discussed how "many DAOs turn to tools such as POAP or MintGate to provide token-gated assets as a reward or badge to represent credibility."
  • From before POAP Weekly was born: Forbes wrote a 2022 guide to "retail's next frontiers" and discussed the Adidas POAP.
  • The Wall Street Journal went in-depth on the Miller Lite virtual tavern in Decentraland, but unfortunately failed to mention POAPs. (Ahem, for the sentence "The company declined to share how many visitors came to the bar..." would have been good to conclude "though 5,600+ did mint the POAP.")
  • This Czech article knows what's up though; similar angle as the WSJ story  but did include POAPs.
  • Business Wire covered a "first-of-its-kind drive-in theater in the Spatial metaverse" for a doc on the GameStop saga, and the subsequent POAP for attendees.  Also in AiThority Cointelegraph, Cointelegraph (Spanish), Cryptohamster (Russian), ARPost.
  • GQ Taiwan published a story on their "Suit Walk," at which attendees will be eligible to mint a POAP.
  • Austin Inno wrote about the "NFT takeover" coming to SXSW, and of course POAPs are part of that.
  • BeInCrypto covered (Spanish) some upcoming Axie Infinity tournaments, at which participants will receive a POAP.


  • Blockworks held a Twitter Space with Patricio and Isabel (unfortunately it was not recorded!)
  • Isabel appeared on the Bankless podcast to discuss POAPs and the social Web3:
"Every time I see someone sharing a POAP with someone else, smiles are happening." – David Hoffman, Bankless (39:56)
"I'm reminded of Marie Kondo's advice, where if it sparks joy but you don't physically need it, you can take a picture of it and then throw the item out. And I feel like that's what a POAP is. You don't need the sticker because it's now a POAP in your Ethereum address and it can spark joy forever." – David Hoffman, Bankless (42:28)
  • You can listen to the latest POAP Curation Community Call, and all past calls, on YouTube. Community calls are held every Wednesday in the POAP Discord.
  • From February: CowSwap did an airdrop and you had to hold certain POAPs to be eligible.

Cool Drops

  • As referenced above, there was a POAP for those who donated to UkraineDAO (UkraineDAO tweeted about it) and a POAP for those who donated directly to the Ukraine government (tweet). The design for the Ukraine gov POAP was created via a bounty posted to the POAPathon community.
  • Topps NFTs dropped a POAP for anyone who bid on their Mickey Mantle NFT auction (the Mickey Mantle NFT sold for 175 ETH):
  • Ledger is distributing a POAP to anyone who preorders the Ledger Nano S Plus Genesis Edition, and highlighted the POAP on the Ledger website.
  • TIMEpieces dropped another POAP.
  • Christie's London dropped a POAP for those who attended their live session when the WoW #5672 NFT became the highest-selling NFT sale by a woman artist at Christie's.
  • SuperRare dropped a POAP for its top 100 collectors in the month of February.
  • 0xArt dropped a POAP for those who were at The Arts Club in London for the Pioneers Collection Private View, which featured artists such as Banksy and Picasso.
  • A panel discussion featuring astronauts Jose Hernandez and Nicole Scott gave a POAP to viewers.
  • The Microsoft development team received a POAP for stopping by the Crypto Portal in Prague.
  • The Zwift Duathlon League, a virtual and physical biking competition, dropped a POAP to league participants.
  • An online talk hosted by the IBM Future Design Lab dropped a POAP