This Is POAP



  • There is a new status page to check for POAP outages (click the bell icon to subscribe).
  • The team at held an invitation-only talk with NFTParis and Ledger CXO Ian Rogers:
Ian Rogers spoke highly of POAPs.
  • POAP has formalized a large investment in IYK*, an NYC-based tech startup building innovative products using NFC beacons.
  • Part of the IYK* roadmap includes a physical, credit-card-sized NFC tag that would allow people to distribute POAPs:
Pull this from your wallet upon meeting someone.
And have them tap it to receive your personal POAP.
  • The curated NFT art platform Quantum provided presale access to their Quantum Key to select POAP holders (Quantum Keys sold out almost immediately once the sale went public).

Cool Drops

  • The Burnt Auction in Paris, featuring artists such as Beeple and FEWOCiOUS, dropped a POAP (this was also the first NFT auction in France):
A large crowd at the Burnt Auction.
People eager for POAPs.
  • Spotify dropped a POAP for its "Spotify Hackweek 2022" event.
  • KPMG dropped a POAP for its Global Insights Center Virtual Summit.
  • GQ dropped a POAP to participants of their GQ SuitWalk in Taipei.
  • Lollapalooza dropped two POAPs (and intends to drop a third) via their website to celebrate their entry into the metaverse.
  • ShapeShift DAO dropped a POAP at ETHRio that got some Twitter love. Other POAPs at ETHRio included for attending the main event and for meeting people.
  • Lots of POAPs at SXSW, including for photo booths, meetups, and (of course) meeting people. More on SXSW next week after its conclusion.


  • Light,io, a "metaverse explorer," now allows you to see mutual friends that have the same POAPs.
  • W3Look allows you to search for and visualize POAP collections.
  • POAPathon held a successful painting party with to celebrate International Women's Day.
  • The ETHStaker community published a YouTube video on using POAPathon and the Magic POAP Dispenser to develop and distribute a POAP.
  • Cryptovoxels has plans to integrate POAPs in their metaverse.
  • The Web3 social media platform is considering incorporating POAPs into profiles.