This Is POAP


  • The Austin-American Statesmen wrote a guide to "high-tech jargon" for SXSW. POAP was one of only seven cryptobiquitous terms included. The other six: Web3, metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and DAO.
  • A Time cover profile on Vitalik Buterin linked to his "Soulbound" blog post that discussed POAPs. (“NFTs can represent much more of who you are and not just what you can afford,” he writes.) This issue of Time was also "the first-ever fully decentralized magazine issue available as an NFT on the blockchain."
  • Ad Age published a "metaverse and Web3 marketing glossary" that included POAP.
  • The Motley Fool wrote a lengthy explainer, "What Is a POAP NFT?"
  • Coinspeaker also wrote a lengthy POAP explainer.
  • Business Insider profiled "19 rising-star crypto venture capitalists" and included POAP investor Gaby Goldberg of TCG.
  • Vogue Business wrote a preview of metaverse fashion week and discussed the POAPs to be distributed by Estee Lauder and KnownOrigin.
  • Cointelegraph wrote about "immersive NFT experiences at SXSW" and the POAP for the SXSW x BCL NFT Ledger installation (Spanish).
  • Retail Technology Innovation Hub covered Heineken's Decentraland brewery, at which there was a POAP. Also in InformaBTL (Spanish).
  • NFT Evening wrote about the "best NFT merch" and discussed the Behr Paint/Doodles paint can POAP drop at SXSW.
  • Forex Quebec blogged about Web3 identity and mentioned POAPs.
  • Ethereum World News covered NFTs and funding for Ukraine and included the UkraineDAO x POAP tweet. So did Cointelegraph (Spanish) and the same story in English via The Bharat Express News.
  • Haber Tutar, a Turkish new site, published something that mentioned POAPs.
  • So did the Turkish news sites Tele1 and Demiroen News Agency.
  • Not quite sure what this Russian site is, but this post mentions POAP 11 times.


Announcing the launch of POAP Directory, a new website where you can find all the resources and tools that comprise the many-armed POAP ecosystem.
  • Individual drop pages on now have links to various Web3 explorer and social media sites next to each collector's wallet address. Backdrop tweeted about the new integration.
  • The POAP smart contracts on Gnosis Chain are now verified on Blockscout for anyone to explore the source code.
  • A walkthrough video on the new token-gated Shopify integration created by Lit Protocol; you can gate access to products based on the NFTs, including POAPs, that potential buyers hold.
  • More photos and info on the x NFT Paris Labs panel that featured Ledger CXO Ian Rogers and Exclusible COO Pierre Guigourese.
  • gmoney provided presale access for his new BrickBreaker NFT project to specific POAP holders.
  • Specific POAP holders were eligible for free tickets to the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon, raffled off via ( tweet).
  • VivaTech 2022 "Europe's biggest startup and tech event" was bragging about POAPs to their 55k+ Twitter followers.

Cool Drops

  • The City of Buenos Aires distributed their first POAP (and tweeted about it).
  • posted a tweet thread about all the various POAPs they distribute.
  • The aforementioned Heineken POAP.
  • Mastercard dropped a POAP at a Mastercard Academy training session on NFTs.
  • The World of Women NFT project dropped two POAPs at the "Adidas x Creative Debuts" exhibition in their Oxford flagship store in London: one for those who met the WoW team personally, and one for anyone who attended (WoW tweet about the POAP and a Creative Bloq blog post regarding the event).
  • Val Kilmer's NFT project distributed a POAP.
  • The Deadfellaz NFT project collaborated with the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin to drop a POAP.
  • Nansen and the Moshi Mochi NFT project collaborated on a training session and dropped a POAP to participants (tweet).
  • From Mar 10: gmoney dropped a POAP to those in his Wolf Game pack who met certain requirements (and tweet-hinted at "something" coming).
  • From recent events, two separate POAPs for being a staked hacker at ETHGlobal hackathons: (1) Road to Web3 2022 and (2) BuildQuest 2022.
  • Harvard professor Scott Kominers distributed a POAP to a Harvard business class (tweet). Professor Kominers also briefly mentioned POAPs in a November 2021 article on NFTs.
  • The Magic Mind NFT collection dropped a POAP at a launch party at SXSW, which provided presale access:
  • Bittrex gave out POAPs to celebrate its 8th birthday.
  • Shaan Puri distributed a POAP for completing a "Power Writing" course that he offered.


GitPOAP, a platform for memorializing software contributions with POAPs, is launching its GitHub integration on April 7.