The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Is POAP


  • Lifestyle Asia published a recap of the most expensive NFTs sold in 2022 and discussed the Ukraine flag NFT and POAP for those who donated funds to purchase it.
  • Jing Daily wrote about Arianee's work in Web3, their work with POAP, and the POAP at Christian Louboutinโ€™s Paris Fashion Week event at the Eiffel Tower.
  • BeInCrypto published a piece on "the second wind of NFTs" and discussed ideas for the types of utility POAP issuers can give their POAPs.



Perk Shop lets you gate access to merch and perks with POAPs!

Perk Shop is a platform that enables communities and brands to setup their own Web3 shop and provide redeemable rewards for owners of specific digital collectibles. Benefits can include everything from unlockable merch, to discounts, giveaways, and allowlists.

POAP holders can simply connect their wallet and Perk Shop automatically displays which perks they are eligible to claim. Access to token-gated rewards is highly customizable, such as requiring multiple POAPs or holding a POAP for a specific length of time. Each wallet can only claim a reward once; for physical items, all shipping info can be collected after claiming.

From the Perk Shop team: "The first step a brand should make when entering Web3 is issuing POAPs to their community. POAPs are a great way to test the waters and start building credibility. The next step is to provide utility through token-gated experiences. Now, using Perk Shop and our POAP integration, brands can easily onboard their community and delivery this utility."

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Builders are the unsung heroes of the POAP ecosystem!

  • Today, Colfax from GitPOAP and POAP's own Anthony Bertolino will appear on a Twitter Space with Helena from Pearl to discuss Web3 social graphs and more.
  • Tokenproof announced a fun POAP treasure hunt using NFC chips at Art Basel in Miami; POAPs can be redeemed for prizes!
  • The POAP community meme competition is live until Dec 2. Participants are using the Hyype platform to attach "lore" (AKA content such as images) to specific POAPs.


  • POAP Community Calls are every Wednesday at Midnight UTC in the POAP Discord. Listen to last week's call on YouTube.
  • POAP Citizens Episode #2 is this Thursday, Dec 1, on the POAP Discord, featuring Colfax from GitPOAP.


  • Atari dropped multiple POAPs for events in Miami: an IRL game night, a metaverse game night, and for claiming free merch. Atari also tweeted about POAP... More from Miami and Art Basel next week.
  • Amazon Web Services is currently dropping a POAP at the AWS re:Invent 2022 conference in Las Vegas.
  • Bayer dropped more POAPs.
  • Kunstalle Zurich is dropping a POAP at its DYOR exhibit on "art in the context of blockchain and NFTs" running now until Jan 15 (and it got some Twitter love).
  • There is a POAP at a Colorado State Capitol building art exhibit. Holders of the POAP will be able to use the Snapshot voting integration to vote on their favorite pieces of art. ย 
  • Czech auto manufacturer Skoda dropped a POAP during the first Twitter Space with their "Skodaverse" team.
  • Meta Angels x Adobe Artist-in-Residence dropped a POAP on a Twitter Space.
  • The Blockchain Student Group at IT University in Copenhagen dropped a POAP that will provide "exclusive access and perks" to members of their 2023 Board of Directors.
  • Nyenrode Business School in the Netherlands dropped a POAP at an educational event.
  • The TUM Blockchain Club dropped a POAP at the TUM Student Fair in Munich.