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This Is POAP


The Merge got a lot of press. POAP – and the live POAP art canvas during the official Ethereum Mainnet Merge watch party viewed by 41,000+ people – was an inextricable part of that coverage. Outlets included Decrypt and Cointelegraph.

Many other outlets referenced the art canvas and watch party, including The Economic Times, Forbes, CoinDesk, and Yahoo. The full replay of the Mainnet Merge Viewing Party is available on YouTube. Patricio appears at ~3 hours and 19 mins, followed by info for minting the Merge POAP.

More than 366,000 pixels were placed on the completed canvas. Check out the view from above as it happened (and you can even buy a physical version):

More hype:

  • CNBC TV published a deep dive on how brands can use POAPs to reward loyal customers.
  • A Vogue recap of New York Fashion Week mentioned the Vogue POAP (images from this drop in last week's newsletter).
  • TechCrunch covered the completed funding round for Goldsky and cited POAP as an example of a current Goldsky customer.
  • The Bankless Metaversal newsletter highlighted that there has now been more than 5.6 million POAPs minted.
  • Al Arabiya wrote about the first-ever metaverse celebration for Saudi Arabia's National Day, and mentioned the POAP that will be at the event. also covered the story.
  • Cointelegraph published a piece on solving challenges around Web3 reputation systems, and referenced POAPs and Vitalik Buterin's January 2022 blog post on soulbound NFTs that had a deeper dive on POAPs.
  • The Crypto Times covered the Sotheby's MaxStealth NFT auction, which raised $1.5 million, and the subsequent POAP for attendees:
  • POAP's own Anthony Bertolino appeared on The Curated NFT podcast to talk POAP.



Builders are the unsung heroes of the POAP ecosystem. Check out the POAP Directory for more info on third-party integrations.

Gallery, a social platform for NFTs, launches POAP integration.

Gallery is building a platform for users to curate and display their NFT collections in a simple and minimal way, and connect with others who have similar tastes and experiences. The goal of Gallery is to give people a space where they can express themselves via the NFTs they own, the go-to place for POAP collectors to display their POAPs and browse and discover others.

From the Gallery team: "Your experiences, and the POAPs that bookmark them, are important aspects of your identity. We're excited to finally support displaying POAPs alongside other NFTs. Now you'll be able to discover others with shared experiences and connect with them. POAPs will be the gateway for the next wave of adopters and we're excited to provide a place where people can view and enjoy them."

Follow Gallery on Twitter @GALLERY and watch a walkthrough that includes the POAP integration.

More building:

  • WalletChat launched POAP-gated chat rooms.


Another POAP booth, another wild success, this time at last week's DappCon in Berlin. Visitors could pick up free stickers and other merchandise, purchase IYK cards, and (of course) collect the official POAP booth POAP by tapping their phone to the IYK disk prominently displayed on the table. During the conference, 4,000+ stickers were given away, 60+ IYK cards were sold, and 200+ people minted the POAP.

The POAP booth at DappCon in Berlin last week.
POAP stickers!

Booth visitors were blown away by the high quality of the POAP collateral and IYK packaging, which included a sheet of POAP stickers and a special POAP.

Expect more POAP booths soon at upcoming conferences. Fun side note: the first official POAP was at DappCon Berlin in 2018.

POAP Community Calls are every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Listen to last week's call on YouTube.


  • The aforementioned Sotheby's POAP for participants in their MaxStealth auction (Sotheby's tweet).
Chair POAPs at Sotheby's.
  • The POAP for the Mainnet Merge Painting Party, one of many POAPs created to celebrate the Merge; others included drops from Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Β Time, and Defy Education.
  • The MIT Bitcoin Club and Sloan Blockchain Club dropped a POAP.
  • There was a POAP at the 2022 Australian Crypto Convention.
  • The Hague University is collabing with decentralized learning platform Koios to drop a series of POAPs for completing blockchain education courses.
  • World of Women held a meetup in Hong Kong and dropped a POAP.
  • Another POAP for a beach cleanup.
  • POAPathon Down Under held a marathon show and dropped multiple POAPs.