News from the POAP ecosystem.

Week in POAP
Browsing POAP collections just got easier and more fun!

This week marks the release of the all-new POAP Scan, the interface for viewing and navigating your POAP collection and the collections of others, as part of an ongoing refresh across all POAP products. The update, which was of course celebrated with a POAP, includes some dazzling new design elements (click around to find all the easter eggs), improved organization, and much more:

If you have any feedback on the new site, please direct it here! The POAP minting flow itself also had a recent redesign, including some cat animations that people on social can't get enough of. Expect additional updates to roll out soon; a refreshed POAP Fun just held a successful IRL test raffle at ETH Mexico (more on POAP Fun next week):

ETH Mexico attendees rejoice at the opportunity to participate in a POAP Fun raffle.


  • Blockworks recapped news from the Ethereum ecosystem and mentioned the POAP for those who contributed to the KZG Ceremony (which 55,000+ wallets have now paid .00016 ETH to mint). Anthony Sassano also discussed the KZG POAP on The Daily Gwei podcast.
  • Techopedia published a piece on Web3 tech and sports and the Head of Creator Relations at Moonpay highlighted how "POAPs are revolutionizing how fans engage with their favorite sports and teams."



  • Gandalf, featured in last week's newsletter, launched support for POAPs reserved with an email address.


  • Google Cloud Japan dropped a POAP at an event in Tokyo.
  • Sofar Sounds dropped a POAP at a concert in Berlin.
  • API3 dropped a POAP at the ETH London Hackathon.
  • Chimpers dropped another POAP on their "Chimpreneurship" show and were excited to share the news.
  • BLOND:ISH dropped a POAP at a concert in New York.
  • World of Women dropped a POAP during their Artfest Autumn event and there was much love for the art:
  • Richie Hawtin dropped a POAP at a show in Barcelona.
  • Kenvue gave out POAPs to winners of their Passion for Growth Awards.
  • A POAP at a talk on emerging technologies in Mexico.
  • Vlerick Business School dropped a POAP at a Web3 event in Brussels.
  • A POAP at a product growth conference in Romania.
  • Rifai Sicilia dropped a POAP during a "5-day journey of regenerative finance, regional economic design, and ecosystem restoration" in Sicily:
  • Brave dropped a POAP at a Metaverse and AI Summit in Nairobi. There was also a POAP for attending the event.
  • A tech pitch competition in Toronto dropped a POAP to participants.
  • Edge & Node dropped a POAP at a live coding and generative art minting show in San Francisco.
  • ETHGlobal dropped a POAP to hackers at ETHOnline 2023, and hackers were stoked to receive it.
  • Scaffold-ETH and The Graph dropped POAPs at the ETH Miami conference: