The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Is POAP


  • Vogue Business detailed the upcoming Arianee and partnership.
  • e27 published a recap of a talk at Ecehlon Asia 2022 on how Web2 companies can take the lead into Web3 and cited POAP as one of the tools for helping people grasp Web3 concepts.
  • An extensive primer on Web3 credentials published on Mirror concluded that "the majority of Web3 credential projects are still in nascent stages of development, while more mature protocols, like POAP, continue to thrive and assert themselves as mainstays of the decentralized identity and credential stack."



Effi, the interactive live streaming platform, integrates POAP!

Effi helps brands and communities create engaging live content across all major social media platforms. Streamers can incorporate widgets such as polls, meters, trivia, and more to boost audience participation. And now, Effi supports token-gating with POAPs to create exclusive experiences without sacrificing social reach.

With Effi's token-gated, live interactive video player, POAP issuers can strengthen their connection to POAP collectors by offering interactive experiences just for them. The level of exclusivity is customizable; for instance, the broadcast itself can be open for anyone to watch, with just the interactive elements reserved for POAP holders. Potential use cases abound, such as a conference distributing a POAP to attendees and offering holders bonus panel discussions or other videos, or a band distributing a POAP at a concert and rewarding collectors with access to live interviews or a virtual meet-and-greet.

From Joanna Kaufman, CEO & Cofounder of Effi: "We believe POAPs create and strengthen relationships. We're so excited to be part of the POAP ecosystem. People love POAPs and we see our integration as a new way to reward active collectors and onboard new ones."

Check out a walkthrough on Effi and see below for a quick step-by-step guide on how to integrate POAPs!


  • POAP Community Calls are every Wednesday at Midnight UTC in the POAP Discord. Listen to last week's call on YouTube.
  • Have fun watching POAPs drop in real time (or play around by entering a past event).
  • Today on POAP Art from 8-10PM UTC: the ENS painting party!


  • At last week's 0xpo conference in San Francisco, anyone could create a personal POAP using Welook and upload it to an NFC-enabled IYK card. As usual, there were POAPs galore at the event, including at workshops for OpenSea, Uniswap, Worldcoin, EY, and Gnosis Chain.
  • McCain Foods dropped a POAP for the European Launch of their "Regen Fries."
  • Media.Monks dropped a POAP at a private event during NFT.London.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped another POAP at a show in Lisbon.
  • Bayer dropped more POAPs.
  • SuperRare dropped their monthly POAP for their top 100 collectors.
  • Ethereum Singapore meetup dropped a POAP during a Vitalik Buterin keynote speech.
  • The Lisbon Web Summit dropped a POAP to attendees.
  • The Blockchain Student Group at IT University of Copenhagen dropped a POAP at a meetup featuring IT and business consulting firm Netcompany.
  • The Blockchain Club at Berklee dropped a POAP during a "Minting Music NFTs" workshop.