The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP


  • The New York State Bar Association blogged (and tweeted) about their recent POAP drop.



  • Check out the new blog post on why you'll fall in love with POAPs!


  • Johnnie Walker dropped fresh, fruity, spicy, and smoky POAPs at their "flavor lab" in Miami.
  • Hennessy x Rug Radio dropped a POAP during a livestream featuring Hennessy CEO Laurent Boillot.
  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS) celebrated their six-year anniversary by dropping a POAP via a custom flow to anyone that has an ENS name and avatar. Despite recent high gas fees, the POAP resulted in a record number of ENS "set avatar" transactions.
  • Allianz dropped a POAP at their "Allianz Accelerates" event in Singapore.
  • Many Bayer employees, including the CEO and CIO, have recently dropped You Met Me POAPs.
  • The Future of Finance Mentoring series dropped a POAP during a call with special guest Jack Butcher.
  • ETHGlobal Tokyo dropped a POAP for anyone who was a staked hacker during the 2023 hackathon.
  • Apparel companies Salewa and Dynafit Taiwan dropped a POAP during a presentation in Taiwan.
  • Bluesky, a Twitter spinoff, dropped a POAP at their first community meetup in Austin.
  • A POAP for attending ETH Tallinn.
  • During Glitch Marfa, a POAP for visiting a generative art exhibit featuring pieces from Snowfro's personal collection.
  • A POAP for attending a generative art exhibit in Tokyo.
  • A POAP for attending the Tulum Crypto Fest in Mexico.
  • A POAP for attending a seminar in Athens.
  • POAPs at meetups in Portland, Berlin, Brussels, Thailand, Zurich, and Tokyo.
  • A birthday party POAP in Dubai.
  • A wedding POAP in Malaysia.