This Is POAP


  • There were POAPs at the inaugural "Strength of a Woman Festival and Summit" presented by Pepsi and Mary J. Blige. NFTEvening covered the story (twice), as did  After the event, there was high praise for POAP on LinkedIn and Twitter:
  • Vogue wrote about "noteworthy NFTs displayed at the Venice Biennale" and mentioned the partnership at the event.
  • The Players Tribune promoted the POAP given out during the Knuckleheads podcast by former NBA players Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles:
  • A FanSided article also had some positive things to say about the Knuckleheads POAP.
  • Damian Schenkelman of Auth0 wrote about user identity and bridging Web2 and Web3, and discussed token-gating resources with POAPs.
  • Le Journal du Luxe published (French) a special edition on Web3 that discussed POAPs and cited Sebastian Orellano of
  • They're partying in London with POAPs:
  • Bankless celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Bankless DAO with a lengthy recap that discussed POAPs distributed by the Bankless Academy and the great success of the DEGEN bot developed by the Bankless DAO.
  • Another Bankless DAO Medium post on NFTs mentioned POAPs.
  • Kevin Rose also briefly discussed POAPs on the Bankless podcast:
  • A LinkedIn post with an infographic introducing the concept of POAPs.
  • LendIt USA issued a press release on its upcoming crypto workshops, which includes topics such as "Blockchain superpowers: the magic of NFTs, layer three applications like OpenSea, BAYC, and POAP."
  • Patricio, with POAP prominently displayed on his signature red jacket, popped up in the intro montage of the ETHGlobal recap of ETHAmsterdam:


  • ETHPass announced (and tweeted about) some exciting updates. ETHPass allows anyone to create token-gated event pages; after attendees verify NFT ownership they can generate an event ticket as an Apple Pay or Google Pay pass. Event attendees can also automatically receive POAPs. Check out the announcement for a link to a live demo, and watch the walkthrough video that has a segment specific to POAPs:
  • Aelin protocol plans to introduce a new feature that allows communities to airdrop POAPs:


  • POAP Community Calls are held every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Last week's call had 1,100+ listeners.
  • If you host a free IRL event that distributes POAPs, fill out an online form to get included in this newsletter. Events are highlighted on the first Tuesday of every month.

Cool Drops

  • The four "Pepsi x Strength of a Woman" POAPs by artists Varvara Alay, Amber Vittoria, Shaylin Wallace, and Rachel Winter.
  • The aforementioned Knuckleheads POAP.
  • The Deloitte Blockchain Guild dropped a POAP.
  • SuperRare dropped a POAP for the top 100 collectors in the month of April (this POAP recurs monthly).
  • The MIT Bitcoin Expo dropped a POAP to attendees.
  • The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania dropped a POAP for students who completed the Wharton Blockchain and Digital Assets course. Other Ivy League schools have also dropped POAPs, including Cornell and Harvard.
  • Fun Radio France dropped a POAP at the Fun Radio Ibiza Experience.