The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP


  • Vogue Business published a piece on the fashion industry pairing NFTs with NFC chips and discussed the 9dcc POAP drops.
  • Glossy covered Meta's decision to drop NFTs and mentioned the fashion industry's use of POAPs.
  • Built In published a POAP explainer.
  • EthCC is offering discounted tickets to holders of previous EthCC POAPs.




  • ENS is offering judges, speakers, and mentors at the upcoming ETHGlobal event in Tokyo free IYK cards similar to those distributed at Devcon 6 in Bogota this past fall.


  • Adidas dropped a POAP during an event in Berlin.
  • Sotheby's dropped a POAP during an NFT auction in Paris.
  • DKNY is dropping a POAP during Metaverse Fashion Week.
  • Tommy Hilfiger is also dropping a POAP during MVFW.
  • Lacoste dropped a POAP during a UNDW3 community event in Miami.
  • Real Vision started dropping POAPs at IRL meetups again, the first in London. Read their feature in this newsletter from last fall for more info on the value Real Vision sees in POAP.
  • TechTO dropped a POAP during a special event to discuss Web3.
  • A POAP for attending NFT Melbourne (tweet).
  • The Defiant team is dropping a POAP during Ethereum events in Brazil.
  • Bayer dropped a POAP for their global community of Hemophilia colleagues and a POAP at a "jam session."
  • Salsa dropped a POAP to OG users of their app.
  • The British Interactive Media Association dropped a POAP during a Masterclass on creating POAPs and a POAP during a panel talk on "emerging creative trends."
  • The Imperial College Business School in London dropped a POAP during Admitted Student Day.
  • The Swiss NFT Association dropped their first POAP during a talk on real world NFT use cases.
  • Flowcode dropped a POAP during a Web3 webinar.
  • XPRIZE is dropping a POAP at a Rainforest + Reef Adventure Trip.
  • VaynerSports dropped a POAP during an AMA with MMA fighter Curtis Blaydes.
  • InPeak dropped a POAP during a talk featuring Gmoney.
  • A POAP at a Christians in Web3 gathering in London.
  • A POAP fan at a Major League Pickleball event in Daytona, Florida.