The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP


  • Messari published "Solving the DAO Data Problem" and mentioned how DAOs can use POAPs for attestations, which "could be particularly useful in contributor cases, where DAO members, authorities, or even external parties can attest to oneโ€™s actions in a particular process or proposal."
  • In the "Arts Roundup," LA Weekly mentioned the successful POAP drops from musician Annika Rose.
  • NFT Now announced details on minting their "Now Pass," which includes early access to Day One POAP holders.



POAP Drops is live! Check out the blog post on the new home for everything POAP.


  • The GET Protocol published a Medium post on their successful collab with POAP at NFT Paris (tweet).


  • Azuki dropped a POAP at their first-ever Azuki x Apes x CloneX meetup (tweet).
  • Porsche dropped a POAP at their "PIONEERS CIRCLE" event in Los Angeles.
  • A POAP at the Blockchain Manchester meetup, hosted by Andy Gray from KnownOrigin.
  • A POAP at the SXSW "Bring Your BFF to Web3" event sponsored by Moonpay.
  • VaynerSports dropped a POAP during a March Madness AMA featuring Jimmer Fredette.
  • Bayer dropped a POAP at the RA Global Meeting in Munich.
  • PwC North Macedonia dropped a POAP during a workshop on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped POAPs at shows in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.
  • A POAP for attending the first ETHPorto conference in Porto, Portugal.
  • FWB x ONE dropped a POAP at "ONDO, a fusion event for crypto and Japanese culture" in Tokyo (ONDO Mirror article).
  • The British Blockchain Association dropped a POAP at their annual International Scientific Conference (BBA Medium article).
  • Proof dropped a POAP during their first "Society Spotlight Show" Twitter Space.
  • A Web3 community in Boston commemorated their third meetup with their first POAP.
  • Web3 photography organization Obscura dropped a POAP during a happy hour event.
  • POAPs for St. Patrick's Day pub crawls in Columbus, Ohio, and Charlotte, North Carolina.