The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem

This Is POAP


  • At ETHLatam in Bogotá, Patricio interviewed Vitalik, who cited POAP as an example of a project that he expects to remain an important part of the Ethereum ecosystem. Patricio also asked Vitalik to explain how he was a human and not a reptile, to which he replied (at the end), "No soy una computadora... soy un humano normal."
  • Patricio also appeared throughout ETHGlobal's video recap of ETHBogotá, including an epic hero shot at the end.
  • 💳 American Express is dropping POAPs at Austin City Limits Music Festival; publications such as NFT Evening covered the story. 💳
  • Ad World published a recap of the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference in Cologne; the author discussed receiving his first POAP (and first NFT) after setting up his first crypto wallet.
  • FXStreet wrote about the ApeCoin DAO proposal to incorporate POAPs in their voting system via the Snapshot integration.
  • Business 2 Community covered the awesome ENS x IYK x POAP swag at Devcon VI in Bogotá in a crypto news recap.
  • A Jing Daily piece about how "Web3 took over fashion month" discussed the POAPs at Paris Fashion Week.
  • Seattle Met published a piece on artist opinions and forays into Web3, and discussed POAPs.
  • ClutchPoints mentioned the POAP at a Twitch AMA.
  • NFT Plazas wrote about the second annual Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival and referenced the POAPs at the inaugural event last year.



POAPs in practice: Real Vision, the on-demand financial TV channel, builds and rewards their community with POAPs.

Real Vision helps people understand the complex world of finance, business, and the global economy with in-depth analysis from experts. It is also a community of people from all over the world that learn from each other and exchange ideas on topics as varied as "central bank policy to toasted pumpkin seeds with salt from Ibiza," as Moritz Heiden, Co-Head of Digital Innovation Strategy at Real Vision, puts it.

The first time Real Vision used POAPs was at an NFT.NYC happy hour back in June. The potential of POAPs to engage the Real Vision community quickly became clear. Real Vision has since distributed POAPs at various special events, including feedback sessions and local meetups. "POAPs help us to better organize. Over time, we can reward holders as their POAPs become something like a club badge," Heiden says. "POAPs are bridging the gap between the real world and digital applications in a very elegant way by storing positive emotional content not only in our brain, but also on chain."

Real Vision intends to continue distributing POAPs at events and has started token-gating special channels on their Discord with POAPs. Future plans include products gated by POAPs as well. "We want to help people organize locally, but in the decentralized digital world. For us, the best way is starting with small user groups identified by POAPs, collecting feedback, and then onboarding the whole community," Heiden says. "So, if you're attending one of our events, ask for the POAP! It's not just a badge of honor for showing up; it's serving a long-term purpose within our ecosystem."

Based on the positive responses on social media, it appears the Real Vision POAP strategy is paying off!


Builders are the unsung heroes of the POAP ecosystem. Check out the POAP Directory for more info on third-party integrations.

  • GitPOAP published a Medium article breaking down, "What's a GitPOAP?"
  • Tokenproof announced that users can now register on the platform using an email address, with the goal of lowering friction for Web3 onboarding.
  • You can now purchase NFC-enabled IYK discs via the IYK website.


  • Listen to the first episode of POAP Citizens on YouTube, recorded last week. POAP Citizens is a new show that will introduce some of the amazing citizens that make up the Proof of Attendance Protocol. The first guest was Angelo Antonelli, founder of Welook.
  • POAP Community Calls are every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Listen to last week's call on YouTube.


Vitalik dropped his first "You Met Me" POAP.
  • One of the Amex POAPs at ACL Fest.
  • Twitch streamer Brycent dropped a POAP (and tweeted about it) during a stream, enabled by the technology of POAP builder Revv.
  • As linked in last week's newsletter, SWIFT Innotribe dropped POAPs at the Sibos 2022 conference.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped more POAPs at shows in Berlin and Manchester.
  • Tiago PZK dropped another POAP at a show in Santiago.
  • A POAP for those who offset their carbon emissions for traveling to Devcon VI.
  • A POAP at an AMA for NFL wide receiver David Bell.
  • A POAP for attending the Future China Global Forum in Singapore.
  • The MJM Graphic Design university in France dropped a POAP at a masterclass on NFTs.
  • The POAP for the first episode of POAP Citizens.
  • Devcon VI has begun and the POAPs are pouring in, including the official Devcon VI attendee POAP and POAPs for irresistible chicken. More from Bogotá next week.