Discover exciting POAP use cases, product launches, and POAPs spotted in the wild.

Week in POAP


We're starting to roll out our newest app; with POAP Collections, anyone can permissionlessly curate groups of POAP Drops. Check out our blog post for more details!
  • With the latest version of the POAP mobile app, you can natively upload and attach POAP Moments to specific POAP Drops. ENS avatars are also now supported.


  • Quidli announced their POAP integration, enabling Discord and Slack users to drop POAPs from within the app. Check out their blog post for more details:
Share POAPs to mark your team’s big moments directly in-app
Create, drop and mint NFTs in your Discord, Slack and more 📛
  • ENS announced ENS cards for ETHDenver 2024, which include a built-in POAP integration.
  • More details on tokenproof's new feature for distributing POAPs directly within the app.
  • Holder, aWeb3 CRM and marketing platform, added support for POAP searches.
  • Type in your wallet address and view your recent POAP adventures with 2023 POAP Wrapped.


  • In his latest blog post, Vitalik mentioned POAPs in his discussion of how crypto can create a more holistic trustworthy, democratic, and decentralized tech stack.
  • From last week: watch the recording of POAP Studio's LinkedIn Live webinar discussing the future of engagement and loyalty.
  • More details on POAP Studio's recent collaboration with Adidas.
  • A recap of the POAP Treasure Hunt at Rusutsu Ski Resort in Japan.
  • LinkedIn posts highlighting exciting POAP use cases.
  • NFT Morning announced they are raffling off Crypto Parisians during NFT Paris via POAP Fun.



  • Bankless dropped their 2024 POAP to Bankless citizens, and Ryan Adams and many others were excited to mint it.
  • The POAP for watching POAP Studio's webinar.
  • Patricio's POAP for February (can you find him and others?):
  • L'Oréal Marketing dropped a POAP for attending a session on building meaningful brand experiences.
  • Artifex dropped a POAP during a show featuring artist Alejandro Cartagena.
  • A POAP for attending the Crypto Peaks conference in Lake Tahoe.
  • POAPs for participating in Frames hackathons in Bangalore (photos), San Francisco, and London.
  • World of Women dropped a POAP at their Artfest event in London (and were grateful for the support from POAP Studio):
  • Optimism Belgium dropped a POAP to celebrate their first meetup.
  • The Farcaster community in Rome dropped a POAP at their first meetup.
  • The FOUND3R community of Web3 entrepreneurs and builders is dropping "Advisor Pin" POAPs for those actively engaged in shaping the future of their organization.
  • The Web3 Academy Ethereum Caravan continued in Serbia with drops in Ivanjica, Gornji Milanovac, and Aleksandrovac.
  • A POAP for attending Ethereum Lima day in Peru.
  • The Ethereum community sold a POAP to celebrate Smoothly landing on Ethereum Mainnet, enabling solo stakers to pool together execution layer rewards from block proposals. Proceeds from the POAP sale went to Smoothly: