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Week in POAP


Coming soon at ETHDenver 2024: conference attendees will get to play a POAP-gated interactive quiz game. Learn more and apply to be a partner at
  • Last Friday, one lucky holder of the Gary Gensler Pepe POAP won a Sgt. Pepe piece during a live Twitter Space raffle using the revamped POAP Fun.




  • Bored Ape Yacht Club dropped a POAP for community members who completed a feedback survey (and collectors flexed the BAYC POAP and more):
  • Ledger x Bright Moments talked NFT regulation at the House of Commons in London and dropped a POAP.
  • Boring Security x Ledger dropped a POAP during a "show and tell" on Web3 security.
  • POAP dropped a POAP for listeners of the Twitter Space to raffle off the Sgt Pepe piece.
  • Farcaster dropped a POAP at a community event in Paris (photos):
  • Swissborg x CryptoSquare dropped a POAP at an event in Brussels.
  • A POAP for attending OxCairo and a POAP at an affiliated Web3 educational event at the Egyptian Chinese University.
  • Crypto Plaza dropped a POAP during Deep Tech Talks in Madrid.
  • As part of a Web3 "Ethereum caravan" educating Serbian high school students about Web3, the first of eight POAPs dropped:
  • A POAP at an entrepreneur networking event in Berlin.
  • A POAP at an emerging tech workshop in New Orleans.
  • Web3 accounting firm Integral dropped a POAP at the Speak Easy conference in Toronto.
  • "Crypto-rock" band Necromorfo dropped a POAP at a show in Guadalajara.
  • Participants in ZuConnect Istanbul received their POAP: