The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Week in POAP


  • Little Black Book interviewed experts in the ad industry on what innovative Web3 integrations they expected to see at the Super Bowl and beyond in 2023. Andrew Klein, SVP of Web3 brand strategy and innovation at Publicis Media, said he expects more brands to use POAPs and highlighted some ways POAPs can provide utility.
  • Klein was also interviewed by Good Housekeeping for an NFT explainer, and he again brought up POAPs, discussing how they can be earned for participation and highlighting their utility.
  • Web3 accelerator and product studio Crypto Packaged Goods featured Patricio on their "Genius Call" podcast (tweet). Listen to the recording here.
  • 9dcc launched a feature that allows people to personalize their 9dcc POAPs (tweet).



  • Welook announced their ETHDenver plans, which include a massive POAP scavenger hunt.
  • Friendly reminder that you can chat with other people who hold the same POAPs with nftychat:


  • Tongue twister time: the artist MESSHUP collabed with POAP and earned ~10 ETH selling a POAP via POAP Checkout to celebrate Jack Butcher's Checks, and then POAP bought a Check to raffle off via POAP Fun to holders of certain POAPs purchased through POAP Checkout (including, of course, the Checks POAP).
  • Ever wondered how many people reserved a POAP with an email address? You can now find out by inputting the drop ID on POAP Family!
119 people reserved the Devcon VI POAP via email.


  • The Tim Ferriss NFT project COCKPUNCH dropped a POAP during a Discord event.
  • Bayer LifeHub UK dropped a POAP at a networking event featuring Google Cloud and Quantiphi.
  • PleasrDAO dropped a POAP during the second episode of the PleasHouse podcast, featuring the iconic Doge dog Kabosu and human mama Atsuko Sato.
  • A group of CryptoPunks dropped a POAP to celebrate Centre Pompidou, Europe's largest modern art museum, acquiring a CryptoPunk.
  • SLIC Studios, founded by former NBA All-Star Baron Davis, dropped a POAP during a Super Bowl watch party.
  • Noggles sold a POAP via POAP Checkout (tweet).
  • The World of Women dropped a POAP during an Instragram Live interview with ultramarathoner and New York Times bestselling author Robin Arzรณn.
  • SYKY, in collab with Calvin Klein and i-D, dropped a POAP at New York Fashion Week.
  • The Economics Honor Society at Monclair State University gave people their first exposure to Web3 by dropping a POAP during a meeting.
  • The POAP for live listeners of Patricio's appearance on the Crypto Packaged Goods Genius Call.