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Week in POAP




  • Rug Radio completed a series of eight POAP Drops on Twitter Spaces; each POAP served as a ticket to a POAP Fun raffle, with winners receiving all-access passes to events at Art Basel Miami this week.
  • POAP was the launch customer of Cantina, a platform for smart contract researchers to participate in security reviews, and a POAP was minted by every participant (and they were honored to receive it).
  • The Polish Association of Enterprise Lawyers dropped a POAP for attendees of their Christmas gala.
  • Art Blocks dropped a POAP at a community event in San Francisco:
  • VALÉ dropped a POAP at a party in Los Angeles.
  • Women Making Waves x The Aquatic and Recreation Institute x Speedo dropped a POAP at an event in Sydney.
  • Bayer dropped a POAP at an employee jam session in Berlin and at a POAP Open House.
  • Hub71 dropped a POAP at a digital asset side event during Abu Dhabi Finance Week.
  • Evolving Space dropped a POAP at a Weekend Dev Bootcamp at the University of Puerto Rico:
  • At Slush, a startup and tech event, the team dropped a POAP for visiting their booth; there was also a POAP at a side event in downtown Helsinki.
  • Raccoon Distillery dropped a POAP at Next Block Expo in Berlin.
  • A group of Teknei employees dropped a POAP in Vitoria.
  • A POAP for attending India Blockchain Week:
  • Fluence also dropped a POAP at FIL Bangalore/India Blockchain Week.
  • Powerloom dropped a POAP at DeFi Data Day in Bangalore.
  • Metasky dropped a POAP at an event in Japan.
  • A POAP for attending Criptoconferencia in La Plata, Argentina.
  • Ethereum Bolivia dropped a POAP at an event in La Paz:
  • A POAP at the Startup Societies Conference in São Paulo.
  • A POAP at a talk on NFT research and usability in agroecology at the UFSCar Center for Agricultural Sciences in Arasas, Brazil.
  • A speech coach in Buenos Aires did some Web3 onboarding by dropping a POAP to attendees of a public speaking workshop.
  • Patricio's December POAP: