The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Is POAP


  • Deutsche Telekom launched a "what we value" campaign that awards POAPs to youth volunteers.
  • The news of the WNBA dropping their first POAP made the rounds in crypto newsletters, including Mint and CryptoGucci. The NBA also tweeted about it.
  • Nic Carter wrote a lengthy Medium post on "redeem-and-retain NFTs" that mentioned POAP and discussed some of the utility of the Adidas POAP. The article also gave a detailed overview of NFC chip technology and top-tier POAP partner IYK.
  • On the Lex Fridman podcast, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, briefly mentioned POAPs:
  • Mentor, senior full stack developer at POAP, appeared on a panel discussion at Dutch Blockchain Days:
  • nft now wrote about NFTs and the future of ticketing, which included an overview of POAPs.
  • Crypto Insights blogged about POAPs.
  • A Mirror article on the state of NFT ticketing discussed POAPs and various use cases.



LinkedIn Love

  • French multinational advertising and public relations company Havas Group showed appreciation for their POAPs.
  • Brand New Vision posted about POAPs at their event.
  • Web3 Texas posts about POAPs at their meetup, including a video showing the simple minting process.
  • A post on using POAPs to boost event attendance.
  • A post excited about POAPs and their utility.
  • A post on how brands and creators can leverage POAPs.


Builders are the unsung heroes of the POAP ecosystem. Check out the POAP Directory for more info on third-party integrations.

This week's builder highlights:

  •, an app in beta that builds a Twitter banner featuring your POAPs.
  • Premint, an NFT presale and access list tool, announced POAP support for their raffle feature:


  • POAP Community Calls are held every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Last week's call was the first to begin charging small amounts of money for POAPs. Listen to the clip below where Patricio introduces the concept:


  • The aforementioned WNBA POAP during a Commissioner's Cup game.
  • The aforementioned Deutsche Telekom POAPs for equality, the environment, animal welfare, education, migration, and well-being.
  • Sotheby's dropped a POAP at the auction for the first NFT launched by football club FC Barcelona
  • Ulta Beauty dropped a POAP to celebrate the launch of the "Ultaverse."
  • Dolce & Gabbana x UNXD x inBetweeners dropped a POAP at an event in NYC (Dolce & Gabbana tweeted about the event).
  • Ledger dropped a POAP to holders of their new Ledger Market Pass - Genesis Edition NFT (Ledger tweet).
  • Rapper Tiago PZK dropped a POAP at shows in Buenos Aires.
  • What is believed to be the first ever musical POAP was dropped on the NounsDAO Twitter Spaces, The Noun Square (The Noun Square tweet).