This Is POAP


  • The Daily Beast asked, "why the hell are people are getting married in the metaverse?" and the article include a tweet that mentioned POAP.
  • Yahoo! Finance picked up a press release on "Metaverse & Web3 Day" at International Music Summit Ibiza, at which there will be a POAP. Story also in NFTevening, Fun Radio France (French), and Crypto Benelux (Dutch), among others. The event includes artists such as Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin.
  • Kathryn Condon, the Head of Marketing Channels and Emerging Platforms at Fidelity, discussed POAPs in an article on Fidelity's new "metaverse experience."
  • High Times and The Source covered a 420 event put on by Young Stoner Life Records, at which there was a POAP.
  • NFTS.WTF wrote (and tweeted) about the interactive POAP trivia that "gamified NFTLA." Video recap of the POAP trivia game:
There were POAPs for music trivia from the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s
  • NFTevening covered the KnownOrigin POAP integration, as detailed in last week's newsletter.
  • Ad Age wrote about NFT collections "emerging as the next big digital brands" and mentioned POAPs (paywall).
  • AfroTech covered the Kevin Gates/Warner Music x POAP news from last week. Digital Music News also had a quick blurb (so did Music Business Worldwide, which had previously covered the story in more detail).
  • In more Kevin Gates/WMG news, Flowcode published a press release on the successful live POAP distribution at the Red Rocks concert .
  • Academics at Cornell Tech and SUTD published a paper on "NFTs for Art and Collectables" and included a discussion on POAPs.
  • The Fordham Athletic Department issued a press release on the POAP they dropped earlier this month at their annual football dinner.
  • Binance wants to talk POAP:


  • Anyone can now purchase "You've met me" POAPs via POAPs.Agency.
  • The Boomerang community is excited about POAPs. Expect more updates on this integration in the near future:


  • The POAP for purchasing a Ledger Nano S Genesis Edition now has 3,000+ mints.
  • POAP Community Calls are held every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Last week's call had ~1,150 listeners.
  • If you host a free IRL event that distributes POAPs, fill out an online form to get included in this newsletter. Events are highlighted on the first Tuesday of every month.

Cool Drops

  • Lido dropped a POAP at Devconnect Amsterdam (and tweeted about it).
  • A sweet GIF POAP for POAP team members at Devconnect Amsterdam.
  • Schelling Point Amsterdam, also part of Devconnect, dropped a POAP to encourage people to arrive early.
  • A POAP at the Solidity Summit in Devconnect.
  • Bison Trails, commemorating its acquisition by Coinbase, dropped a POAP for all its current employees.
  • Cool Cats NFT dropped the first of several POAPs as part of a POAP Spring Egg Hunt:
  • A POAP at the Venice Biennale for watching the Art Consortium Panel Talks.
  • The aforementioned Fidelity POAP for visitors to the "Fidelity Stack" Decentraland experience.
  • Bike Club ("the worlds largest bike club") dropped a POAP and raved about POAPs on LinkedIn.