This Is POAP

KnownOrigin launched their new feature that enables gated sales (AKA early access drops) on the KO NFT marketplace. Part of this integration allows creators to provide early access to their work, and/or access at a lower price, for holders of specific POAPs:

Sam Durrani, Dev Project Lead at KO, had this to say: "We love POAPs for the community engagement they encourage, so adding them as a method for providing early access was a no-brainer! With this new seamless integration, all artists need to do is connect the POAP and the process is done."

KO itself already offers POAPs at their biweekly community calls and at all IRL and virtual events they host. "Often we are asked, what value do POAPs have?" KO Marketing and Creative Projects Lead Mecquel says. "Whilst we always had an answer, this new feature is the icing on the cake. POAPs will now have value as tickets to early access for sales of some of the most sought-after artwork from world-leading crypto artists."

Specific flagship artists of KO can use the feature immediately. It will be rolled out to all creators next week. See the KO Medium post and the video below for additional info:

KnownOrigin discusses some of the use cases and utility of early access drops. 


Warner Music Group wrote and disseminated a press release, "Warner Music Group Partners with Leading Web3 Protocol POAP Inc. to Mint Shared Memories as NFTs." The release coincided with a POAP distributed at Red Rocks Amphitheater during a live performance by Atlantic Records rapper Kevin Gates.

The press release was picked up by countless outlets, including Yahoo!, Music Week (also tweeted), Music Business Worldwide, Ledger Insights, DailyCoin,, Benzinga, Longview News-Journal, Victoria Advocate,, NFT News Pro, Aliens, Digital Media Wire, AllAccess.

The WMG x POAP news was also covered in The NFT Unicorn, NFT Evening, NFTRadius, Metaversal Bankless newsetter,  Unchained Daily newsletter.

More POAP press:

  • HackerNoon published an article by @sillytuna on misconceptions gamers have about NFTs, which recommended gamers learn about POAPs.
  • From Mar 28: the popular Real Vision podcast had an episode on "How To Build a Community-Focused Business," and they discussed POAPs.
  • Crypto Daily published (and tweeted about) an interview at NFT LA, which discussed giving out POAPs at events (there was also a POAP for people who listened to the talk IRL).
  • The "State of Uniswap Q1 2022" report mentioned Uniswap's use of POAPs at Art Basel in Miami this past December.
  • Promoview wrote (Portuguese) about VTEX Day in Sao Paolo, and mentioned POAPs.
  • Forbes published an article on "the future of fandom" in Web3 and cited the Adidas POAP from last November.
  • Another metaverse glossary that includes POAP, this one by Adnews (Portuguese).
  • CoinIdol covered the launch, and subsequent POAP, for "the first animated series created with the support of the crypto community."
  • Yahoo! Japan published something that mentioned POAP.


In addition to the Known Origin news, there were several exciting third-party developments this past week:

  • With GitPOAP officially launched, check out some of the cool functionality, such as the ability to "feature" POAPs on your personal GitPOAP page. The Ethereum Foundation JavaScript team posted a thread on why they were excited for GitPOAP.
  • MintGate tweeted about some of the incredible POAP utility enabled by their platform:
Token gate your events with POAPs – just one of many upcoming features.


  • POAP Community Calls are held every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Last week's call had ~1,000 listeners.
  • If you host a free IRL event that distributes POAPs, you can now fill out an online form to get included in this newsletter.

Cool Drops

  • The aforementioned Kevin Gates/Warner POAP at Red Rocks Amphitheater. See the full gallery of images here:
Photo credit: Ryan Kobane
Photo credit: Ryane Kobane
  • Project Syndicate distributed a POAP during a livestream on "what comes next for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies" (tweet with livestream).
  • Puerto Rico Comic Con, celebrating its 20th anniversary, distributed a POAP.
  • KnownOrigin dropped a POAP for the launch of the LIFE Magazine NFT collection (tweet).
  • Tommy Hilfiger dropped a POAP at the Futuremakers Council meeting (the second such POAP).
  • There was a POAP for participants of the Hello NFT World OpenSea x Replit Hackathon (the OpenSea Developer Community Manager tweeted about it).
  • The Wilkes-Barr/Scranton Penguins dropped another POAP, this time at a charity event.
  • Holo, a digital identity solution powered by cryptography, dropped a POAP for its DID registry launch.
  • Boy George's NFT project, Crypto Queenz, dropped a POAP to Discord members who participated in the Community Art channel.
  • NYC-based creative marketing firm Nue Agency dropped another POAP.
  • The Blockchain Club at Berklee College of Music dropped another POAP.

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