News from the POAP ecosystem

Week in POAP


  • Le Monde published (paywall) a piece on how Paris Photo, the largest international art fair dedicated to photography, now has a "digital sector" for the first time and mentioned the POAP at the event; more details on this drop from POAP Studio.
  • A LinkedIn post on how on-chain products will change commerce that discusses what 9dcc is doing with networked products and POAPs.
  • More details on the World of Women Artfest Autumn POAP and potential perks it unlocks.
  • Forbes published a piece on Arianee implementing "digital product passports" in luxury fashion and mentioned POAP Studio is a technology partner.



  • The POAP team has a heavy presence at Devconnect in Istanbul this week, including the unveiling of the all-new IRL minting experience that is POAP Station and a POAP Fun raffle for some nice LEGO sets. If you are in Istanbul, check out this tweet thread with more info on specific events where you can find POAP!


  • Of course, there are many popular You Met Me POAPs in Istanbul right now.
  • The Zuzalu community dropped a POAP for attending HackZuzalu in Istanbul and a POAP at a "chess and techno" event.
  • The SheFi Summit at Devconnect dropped several POAPs as part of a POAP quest and other events.
  • Lw3 Digital, a crypto event in NYC for institutional investors, dropped a POAP with a nice setup to greet attendees:
  • The Paradigm CTF cybersecurity challenge for crypto hackers dropped a POAP to any team that solved at least one challenge (tweet).
  • Suzuki dropped a POAP to participants in their Suzuki Brand Challenge.
  • Harvard professor Scott Kominers dropped a two POAPs for attendees of his keynote talk on token-based communities during the Tokenomics 2023 conference at Columbia University, and people on social were pumped.
  • A POAP for attending the Australian Crypto Convention in Melbourne; other POAPs at the event included ones from Tax On Chain (tweet) and 1inch.
  • Ripio dropped a POAP at Labitconf in Buenos Aires.
  • A POAP at an art exhibit in Milan.
  • A POAP at a tech roundtable in Hürth.
  • A POAP to commemorate a road trip in Germany: