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Week in POAP


POAP Gallery has a revamped look and new features!

POAP Gallery recently completed a major update to make searching and discovering POAPs even more delightful. Besides the sleek, fun redesign, there's also performance optimizations and improved functionality such as the ability to share search results via unique URLs. Check it out here; there's lots more in the pipeline, so stay tuned.


There were 900+ POAP Drops at ETHDenver 2024, and one winner of the POAP Game trivia contest who got a nice prize package of precious physical collectibles:

People on social appreciated all the sweet POAP swag at ETHDenver, and how POAPs let them reflect on their past experiences; others got in their steps because they would do almost anything for a POAP. More Denver POAP highlights included:

  • Scroll dropped a POAP at an all-day event at Edge City Denver.
  • A POAP for attending the Farcaster ETHDenver meetup, sponsored by Eventcaster, Base, Privy, and PurpleDAO.
  • A POAP for attending College Fest, an event designed to unite the brightest student minds in blockchain.
  • Bankless dropped a POAP at their ETHDenver meetup.
  • The campaign for RFK Jr. dropped a POAP.
  • A hidden POAP that acted as a ticket to a $500 raffle.
  • The Pinax team dropped a POAP that came with perks.
  • dropped a POAP for meeting their team.
  • Patricio's March POAP.



Denver wasn't the only thing happening last week. Many more Drops worth highlighting, such as:

  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club dropped a POAP to commemorate the first BAYC Bored Meeting in Discord; BAYC shared the news on social and The Bored Ape Gazette published an article discussing the drop.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped a POAP at a show in San Francisco.
  • SuperPuma, the NFT project from Puma, dropped a POAP for attending an event at their headquarters.
  • Harvard professor Scott Kominers and author Steve Kaczynski dropped a POAP at the launch event for their book The Everything Token (and announced the Drop on social). The event was held at the Harvard Business School and students were delighted to mint their POAPs:
  • DLT Talents dropped a POAP for completing their DLT Talents Program, and graduates were honored to receive it.
  • A POAP for listening to the Berlin Wedding singers at Bayer Berlin Campus Day, one of many POAPs at the event.
  • A POAP at a popup art show in NYC and a POAP at an art opening in Honduras.
  • Metasky x DR/VRS dropped a POAP for attending a Twitter Space (and shared the news on social):
  • Particle Collection dropped a POAP during a collectors call featuring the artist Bryan Brinkman: