Discover exciting POAP use cases, product launches, and POAPs spotted in the wild.

Week in POAP


POAP had a wildly successful presence at NFT Paris, with Drops at events from Bright Moments Gallery, World of Women, Yuga Labs, and many more including lots of fun at the Rug Radio R HAUS:

Patricio's fox attempts to eat Farokh at the R HAUS event during NFT Paris.

Check out our LinkedIn recap for more details, and view the full official Collection of 44 different drops here (if you attended, connect your wallet to see how many you collected). Now, on to ETHDenver!

POAP Places launches at the Napa Valley Museum!

POAP Places celebrated a successful launch this week at the Napa Valley Museum's Warrior Dogs exhibit. The goal of this new initiative is to let people commemorate their visits to memorable and important locations. Visit the Napa Valley Museum website for more details, and if you are in Northern California stop by for a nice POAP:


  • The Web3 with TPan newsletter published an overview of IYK and dropping POAPs with IYK tech.
  • Week in Ethereum recently mentioned the new POAP Collections initiative.



  • With Airstack, you can now create a no-code Farcaster Frame to show off your POAPs.
  • tokenproof launched the tokenproof Portal, which lets users create and manage events in real-time, including the ability to drop POAPs from directly within the Portal.


  • The ETHDenver general attendance POAP, dropping now. Much more from Denver in next week's newsletter!
  • A POAP for participating in a drone competition in Malaysia.
  • A POAP for graduating from an advanced crypto class in Hong Kong.
  • A POAP for participating in a happiness workshop.