Discover exciting POAP use cases, product launches, and POAPs spotted in the wild.

Week in POAP



  • Axios published a piece on Adidas partnering with Crypto: The Game and mentioned POAP's involvement as well.
  • More details from POAP Studio on the Sofar Sounds POAP drops in Berlin.


  • A POAP for attending the Harvard Blockchain Conference in Cambridge:
  • The Imperial College Business School dropped a POAP at Admitted Student Day in Singapore.
  • Yuga Labs dropped a POAP to Moonbirds community members (Moonbirds shared the news on social).
  • At ETHDam 2024, POAPs for attending, hacking, and volunteering.
  • SheFi dropped a POAP at an event in New York that delved into the next Bitcoin halving event:
  • The POAP for making it to level 400 in POAP Breaker during Crypto: The Game season 2.
  • Metagate is dropping a POAP at an augmented reality exhibit during Milan Design Week.
  • The Farcaster Slovenia community dropped a POAP at a meetup in Bled.
  • The Radiant Capital team dropped a POAP during their hacker week in France.
  • Blockchain Capital x Fracton Ventures dropped a POAP at an event in Tokyo:
  • World of Women dropped a POAP at a meetup in Tokyo.
  • The Women Techmakers Quintana Roo community, part of Google's program dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology, dropped a POAP at a Web3 workshop.
  • Airswap dropped another POAP for voting on their monthly governance proposal.
  • The Chimpers Dojo community in Madrid dropped a POAP at their first meeting of 2024: