Discover exciting POAP use cases, product launches, and POAPs spotted in the wild.

Week in POAP


  • Many POAPs were dropped at NFT NYC last week, including:
    • CryptoPunks dropped a POAP at the Punks Brunch.
    • VanEck dropped a POAP during their Takeover Event at the New York Stock Exchange (more details on LinkedIn):
    • VanEck x Safe x Crypto: The Game dropped a POAP during a private dinner.
    • The Art Den dropped a POAP during a two-day open house at the gallery.
    • World of Women dropped a POAP during HUGFest.
    • Chimpers x Nifty Island dropped a POAP during a night of retro fun.
    • LumenPunks dropped POAPs during a scavenger hunt.
    • My Homies, the NFT collection from Cheech & Chong, dropped a POAP.
    • A POAP for climbing boulders and chatting crypto:
    • Levin Riegner dropped a POAP at the Sporting Crypto Social event; the POAP can be redeemed for token-gated merchandise.
    • The HBAR Foundation also dropped a POAP at the Sporting Crypto event.
    • POAP at NFT Aoetearoa at the Jutta Gallery in SoHo.
    • UNHRD, an on-chain grant system dedicated to artists, dropped a POAP with Transient Labs at an afterparty.
    • A POAP to commemorate the earthquake that shook the city!
  • Lava Network, 1inch, and x MetaMask are among those dropping POAPs at Paris Blockchain Week (happening now through April 11).
  • A POAP for attending FCNY #2 (more details on the event).
  • 1inch Network dropped a POAP during their announcement of the 1inch card at the Mastercard Crypto Event at the Eiffel Tower:
  • A POAP for attending the conference.
  • Taiko dropped a POAP to celebrate 1 million members of their Discord.
  • The University of Calgary Blockchain Society dropped POAPs during their Winter Mountain Retreat.
  • The Ethereum Org dropped a POAP at the FOSSASIA Summit in Hanoi:



  • POAP is partnering with Crypto: The Game to drop a POAP during a custom challenge during season 2.
  • POAP engineers launched the @poap_xyz/frames library on npm; help out by contributing to the open source library.