The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Is POAP


  • Vogue Business published a piece on "fashion's next Web3 opportunity" to teach customers about NFTs and crypto and discussed how POAPs are ideal for onboarding.
  • Vogue Singapore recapped Decentraland Metaverse Art Week and discussed the EstΓ©e Lauder POAP.
  • Jing Culture & Crypto wrote about the Nxt Museum in Amsterdam entering Web3, and the role POAPs have played:
(POAPs) are a very approachable way to collect a really nice memory of your journey or of your favorite artwork... We wanted to use this mechanism to bring people back into reading, listening, learning, and understanding.
 – Merel van Helsdingen, Founder of Nxt Museum
  • Fashion Network and The Daily Front Row covered the Christian Louboutin shows at Paris Fashion Week and mentioned the POAPs. Vogue also tweeted about it.
  • Decrypt wrote about the PFW virtual collab between designer Victor Weinsanto, virtual fashion company BNV, and Korean pop group Lightsum and the POAP at the event.
  • SWIFT Innotribe blogged about their upcoming POAPs at the Sibos 2022 conference in Amsterdam.
  • Music Row blurbed about the Warner Music Nashville Web3 Summit, at which POAP's own Jordan Sobel spoke.
  • Digital Music News covered the Warner Music Group x OpenSea partnership and mentioned the WMG partnership with POAP.
  • NFT Evening wrote about a Deadfellaz drawing competition, for which there was a participation POAP.
  • POAP got lots of love on LinkedIn this week from employees at Google, Coinbase, and many others (boom, boom, boom).



Builders are the unsung heroes of the POAP ecosystem. Check out the POAP Directory for more info on third-party integrations.

Web3 profile platform Nimi now incorporates POAPs!

Winner of the 2022 ETHAmsterdam Hackathon, Nimi allows people to connect their wallet and create a customized Web3 profile. Nimi can be thought of as a Web3 version of Linktree, with additional functionality that aggregates Web3 social content. With the latest release, users can choose which POAPs they want to feature on their page, among other updates.

Custom themes are an additional Nimi feature, access to which can be POAP-gated. The first custom theme will be available for the upcoming Devcon in Bogota; only those with a special Devcon Bogota POAP will be able to use this theme on their Nimi profile!

Follow Nimi on Twitter @0xNimi.

More building:

  • Twitch and YouTube POAP integration via Revv is beginning to roll out to select communities and partners, including SandStorm, POAPathon, and a recent Web3 gaming tournament hosted by Brycent. Good timing, since names such as David Hoffman (Bankless) and Darren Glover (VaynerSports) are eager for this functionality.
  • With the technology of Sismo, you can now prove that you own a specific POAP without disclosing your wallet address or any other POAPs in your collection.
  • Web3 talent platform Mazury announced GitPOAP integration and gave an overview of POAPs in their tweet thread.


  • The POAP app (App Store and Google Play) got some exciting updates, including minting POAPs via NFC chip technology, direct links to Welook Moments, and filtering for GitPOAPs.
  • POAP Art plans to roll out the ability to mint time-lapse images of canvases as NFTs.
  • The first episode of "POAP Citizens" will be live this Thursday, October 6, at 3:30 PM UTC in the POAP Discord (join the POAP Discord). POAP Citizens is a new show that will introduce some of the amazing citizens that make up the Proof of Attendance Protocol. The first guest is Angelo Antonelli, founder of Welook.
  • POAP Community Calls are every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Listen to last week's call on YouTube.


  • Google dropped a POAP at their booth at the TOKEN2049 conference in Singapore (and tweeted about it).
  • The Emmys dropped a POAP to anyone who voted in a fan poll.
  • Blocktrend x Citibank dropped a POAP for attendees of a metaverse workshop.
  • The three Christian Louboutin POAPs for attending PFW shows (day, evening, and online).
  • The BNV x Decrypt POAP at PFW.
  • The POAP at the Warner Music Nashville Web3 Summit.
  • A POAP Delivery for the Mainnet Merge pixel placer POAP was set up for anyone who placed more than 50 pixels on the Mainnet Merge canvas.
  • A POAP at a Boston College course on blockchain business applications.
  • There was a POAP at the inaugural NFT Seattle conference.