News from the POAP ecosystem

Week in POAP


  • NFT Now profiled Jeremy Booth as a "pioneer of Web3's wild west" and mentioned his POAP in New York last spring that could be collected via an NFC chip embedded in his jean jacket.
  • More info on the Kenny Logan fundraising event utilizing POAPs (highlighted in last week's newsletter).



  • Ethereum developers are searching for POAP on Airstack.
  • Farcaster is providing early access to their platform to anyone who holds a POAP from attending ETHGlobal New York.
  • Salsa launched the ability to collect POAPs from directly within group chats on their app:


  • Amex started dropping six different POAPs at the Austin City Limits Music Festival (posts on social with more info on Amex x POAP):
Visitors to ACL Fest scan a QR code at the custom Amex POAP Kiosk to mint their POAP.
  • Warner Music is dropping a POAP to those who purchase a limited edition box set of the music of Maria Callas, and the POAP includes access to an exclusive a cappella track:
  • Club CPG x tokenproof dropped a POAP during a talk on token-gated retail and ticketing.
  • MetaMask dropped a POAP at a company offsite in Milan.
  • The POAP for attending ETHRome (highlighted in last week's newsletter).
  • The Graph dropped a POAP at ETHRome (tweet and another tweet with photos).
  • A POAP for attending ETHMilan.
  • VALÉ dropped a POAP at a concert in Los Angeles.
  • BLOND:ISH dropped a POAP at a concert in Los Angeles.
  • Bright Moments gallery dropped a POAP at an event in Buenos Aires:
  • The MATCOM department at the University of Havana dropped a POAP during a class on blockchain.
  • A POAP for students of a Web3 course at CUNY Queens College in New York.
  • A POAP at a hackathon in Buenos Aires.
  • A POAP at an art exhibit in Berlin.
  • Baby shower POAP.