The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem.

This Is POAP


  • Vitalik Buterin published "What in the Ethereum application ecosystem excites me" and wrote extensively about POAPs and their use cases in the identity ecosystem.
  • Hype has begun for the upcoming American Express/NBA 2K23 event in New York City, running from Dec 8-11, where there will be POAPs. Publications such as Bleeding Cool and The Sports Business Journal had the story.
  • Vogue Business recapped Art Basel in Miami and discussed potential ways POAPs might provide utility at future events and how "POAPs made frequent appearances" throughout the week.
  • Vogue Business published (paywall) a list of tech and Web3 innovators, which included Gmoney and mentioned his use of POAPs.
  • Vogue Business wrote about "why virtual shopping still matters for the holidays" and mentioned the Charlotte Tilbury POAP.
  • NFT Now wrote about Porsche's Web3 plans and the POAPs that are part of the strategy.
  • The Overpriced JPEGs podcast discussed 9dcc POAPs and networking tools (starts at 30:25).



Builders are the unsung heroes of the POAP ecosystem!

  • Daylight, the API that aggregates Web3 perks all in once place (and integrates POAPs), completed a $3M seed round.
  • Bankless acquired Earnifi.


Milestone achieved: 6 million POAPs minted!
  • POAP Community Calls are every Wednesday at Midnight UTC in the POAP Discord. Listen to last week's call on YouTube, which featured members of the GridPlus team.
  • Data visualization of POAP distribution at Art Basel this past week:


POAPs galore at Art Basel, including:

  • Gmoney's 9dcc project created an Art Basel leaderboard for 9dcc POAPs, distributed via NFC chips in 9dcc t-shirts.
  • Adidas dropped a POAP to celebrate the launch of their first collection of virtual gear.
  • Porsche dropped a POAP at a live event held at "The Gateway" exhibition.
  • Johnnie Walker x Doodles dropped a POAP at a "DoodlePutt ultimate miniature golf course experience."
  • Johnnie Walker also dropped a POAP in collab with World of Women, a POAP for visiting the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Lounge, and a POAP for participating in the "Blue Label Experience" in collab with Vandy the Pink.
  • Red Bull x Vayner dropped a POAP at a "Doodle Brunch" (Vayner tweet).
  • Jarritos x Degen Arcade dropped a POAP during a two-day event in Wynwood.
  • VeeFriends dropped POAPs at their "Epic Art Class Experience" and the "VeeFriends Takeover" event, and one for those in the community with FOMO.
  • BAYC x NTS Radio dropped a POAP at a wrap party.
  • The Fabricant and DRESSX dropped a POAP at an IRL "Digital Fashion Breakfast."
  • Atari ran two raffles on POAP Fun to reward collectors of the POAPs they dropped in Miami.


  • Lacoste dropped a POAP during an event in London.
  • Coin Gecko started dropping a POAP as a reward for new users to help onboard them to Web3.
  • Philips Auction House in London dropped a POAP at a launch event for a new project from artist Philip Colbert.
  • Bayer dropped a POAP to celebrate the opening of the 42 Berlin Coding Academy.
  • Dune Analytics dropped a POAP at their first IRL meetup in Lisbon.
  • Warner Music Central Europe dropped a POAP at a Christmas party.
  • A metaverse conference at Europa-Park Rust, the largest theme park in Germany, dropped a POAP to attendees (LinkedIn post with more info).
  • VaynerSports dropped a POAP during an AMA with NFL athlete Malik Reed.
  • The Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) has dropped multiple POAPs at World Cup watch parties, and intends to drop another one for the upcoming match against Argentina (tweet).
  • CharmVerse dropped a POAP at the International Conference on Crypto Marketing, hosted by the Columbia Business School.
  • MetaTrekkers dropped a POAP during the "BeatTrekkers" DJ battle between GucciToe and Steve Saiko.
  • The 1inch Network was among the teams to drop a POAP during the first ever Philippine Blockchain Week in Manila.
  • A POAP at India Blockchain Week.
  • Ethereum communities in Guatemala and Honduras marked the occasion of their first meetup with a POAP.