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Week in POAP


There were dozens of POAP Drops last week during FarCon – and a POAP at Far(Away)Con in London too, of course. POAPs could be collected throughout the four days of events in Los Angeles, including for attending the all-day summit, a surfing session, art night, and participating in the hackathon (and much more):

Dan Romero flashes the POAP disc; tap phone, get POAP.
Farhack participants are delighted to mint their POAPs.

Some initial FarCon takeaways: 29 Drops, 616 different collectors, and 1,771 POAPs minted; 10% of attendees minted 7 or more POAPs (see this thread for a deeper dive on the numbers). To view every Drop, and the leaderboard of top collectors, check out the official FarCon 2024 POAP Collection page. The leaderboard updated live in a frame on Warpcast throughout the conference so the most avid collectors could monitor their standing:


  • Beeple Studios dropped a POAP at their digital art death match event in Charleston.
  • The Central Bank of Hungary dropped a POAP during the Dubai FinTech Summit.
  • Sofar Sounds dropped a POAP at a show in Berlin.
  • Boring Security dropped a POAP during a session on Web3 security.
  • Scroll dropped a POAP for attending Scoll Up in Istanbul:
  • Street Outreach dropped another POAP for spreading love and handing out fresh socks in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped a POAP at a show in Buenos Aires.
  • The Imperial College Business School dropped a POAP at Admitted Student Day in Mumbai.
  • A POAP to commemorate a family vacation:
  • A POAP to celebrate Workers' Day in Argentina.
  • A POAP at a crawfish boil in Wisconsin.
  • A POAP at the first zkSync meetup in Brussels.
  • Patricio's May POAP: