Discover exciting POAP use cases, product launches, and POAPs spotted in the wild.

Week in POAP


  • Drop Delegation is live on POAP Drops: POAP issuers can now import Drops from another account, enabling them to edit, distribute, and purchase credits for that Drop.
  • Etherscan has a new Cards tab on address pages that shows the POAPs collected by that wallet:



  • Octant started dropping POAPs during their community calls, and announced the news on social to much excite.
  • A POAP for attending the New Internet City meetup in New York, hosted by POAP x IYK x Boys Club.
  • Fund the Planet is dropping POAPs to promote protection of the Amazon Rainforest.
  • The Farcaster London community dropped a POAP at a breakfast social:
  • POAPs at Web3 classes in Spain, Lisbon, La Paz, and Mexico.
  • Women Biz, an organization empowering women in tech and Web3, dropped a POAP to participants in their Latina Blockchain Hackathon.
  • The Weekly Thing newsletter dropped a POAP to celebrate its seven-year anniversary:
  • In Munich, a POAP to commemorate a new office space (and say farewell to the old one).