Press mentions and happenings in the world of POAP.

THIS WEEK IN POAP, June 27th - July 3


  • Business Wire covered the completed funding round of Mona, the metaverse world-building platform, of which POAP Ventures was a participant.
  • Moonbirds are using POAP to commemorate the attendance of official events.


Developers are the unsung heroes behind POAP. Check out the POAP Directory for more info on third-party integrations.

This week's integration highlights:

  • NFTY Chat launched their POAP-gated chat feature, which allows anyone to create chat rooms to communicate with people who hold the same POAP:


  • From NFT.NYC: the POAP booth was a great success. More than 500 people visited and minted the booth POAP. The POAP team also helped people create personalized "You've Met Me" POAPs on the spot, sold IYK cards and discs, and distributed ~2,500 stickers:
An appealing POAP spread at NFT.NYC.
  • POAP Community Calls are held every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Last week's call had ~1,600 listeners.

Cool Drops

  • Snapdragon dropped a POAP for attendees of their inaugural Snapdragon Insiders VR meetup.
  • Those who attended the NYC Summer Digital Asset Conference by Goldman Sachs got a POAP.
  • There was a POAP at the Oxford Blockchain Conference.
  • From NFT.NYC: a POAP distributed via an NFC chip embedded in 3D-printed toy ducks:

Free IRL meetups with POAPs!

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