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This Is POAP


  • During her keynote speech at the ETHLatam conference last week in Buenos Aires, Aya Miyaguchi (Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation) said she, "is a long-term big fan of POAP because I think they represent the culture of Ethereum in many different ways." Listen to the clip or watch the full speech:
  • Patricio spoke at ETHLatam (Cointelegraph also mentioned he would speak in its ETHLatam primer):
  • Vogue Business wrote about (paywall) gmoney's luxury label launch and mentioned how he distributes his personal POAP via an IYK card.
  • CryptoNews published a recap of Vitalik Buterin's discussion of "worthwhile ideas for developers" at ETH Seoul, one of which was privacy. POAP was brought up as "a protocol that can confirm an address belongs to someone who participated in an event without revealing the identity of the person."
  • Yahoo! covered (twice) Sephora's upcoming "Sephoria" metaverse event and POAP. Story also in Chain Store Age, Drug Store News, and Happi Magazine.
  • Forkast published a piece on the importance of establishing metaverse standards and highlighted how digital assets such as POAPs will be "key to the success of an interoperable decentralized metaverse."
  • Duty Free News International wrote about the POAP for an event put on by the Shilla Duty Free shop at the Singapore Changi Airport.
  • The NFT and Chill podcast discussed "What is a POAP?" with POAP's own Anthony Bertolini.



LinkedIn Love

  • A post mentioning one way POAPs can be incorporated into charity and fundraising.
  • A post on using POAPs at a Web3 education event.
  • A post reflecting on the value of POAPs and their potential utility.


  • You can now track POAPs on Etherscan, as Gnosis Chain announced the block explorer GnosisScan:
  • POAP Community Calls are held every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Listen to last week's call on YouTube.


  • There was a POAP for those who watched the Bankless livestream of the (successful) Goerli Merge and donated $2 to Coin Center, a non-profit focused on crypto policy.
  • There were 500+ POAPs dropped at ETHLatam.