This Is POAP


A lot happening with POAP integrations this week:

  • GitPOAP officially launched and held a painting party via to celebrate. See this tweet for a time-lapse of the canvas. The painting party livestream featured employees from GitHub and POAP's own Patricio Worthalter. Patricio talked a lot about the future and philosophy of the POAP ecosystem. ICYMI, watch the full recording on YouTube:
  • KnownOrigin is launching a POAP integration that will allow artists to easily provide presale access to collectors who hold specific POAPs. Next week's newsletter will have more details on this exciting integration.
  • now allows users to group POAPs together as customized "topics."


  • Noox, a platform for minting on-chain actions as soulbound NFTs, completed a $2 million funding round, of which POAP was a participant.
  • Entrepreneur wrote an article on "How to Build a Strong NFT Community" and included issuing POAPs for events (also in Spanish).
  • LUXUO covered the opening of a BAYC-inspired restaurant, and the POAPs to be distributed at the opening.
  • SUMA Wealth issued a press release on "the first NFT-enabled financial education certificate program," a program that intends to use POAPs.
  • The Turkish crypto news platform Kripto Koin published a Web3 and metaverse glossary that included POAP.
  • LendIt Fintech wrote a primer its one-day crypto educational workshop and described workshop leader Jacob Benson as an "avid POAP collector."


  • POAP Community Calls are held every Wednesday at 11PM UTC in the POAP Discord. Last week's call had 1,068 listeners.
  • More people advocating for POAPs via LinkedIn ("POAPs are the most undervalued NFT in Web3").
  • Stani Kulechov, founder of Aave and Lens Protocol, tweeted about POAPs:

Free IRL events with POAPs! (new feature this week)

This list will be added to, and an effective way to gather event info TBA soon.

Cool Drops

  • Bitso, the leading crypto exchange of Mexico, dropped a POAP at a global offsite.
  • The first Harvard-wide blockchain conference dropped a POAP.
  • Richie Hawtin distributed another POAP at a gig in Lisbon.
  • Infinite Objects distributed a POAP at NFC Lisbon:
  • Ledger distributed a POAP for visiting the Ledger Villa at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami.
  • The first Metaverse Meetup Sydney distributed a POAP via the Magic POAP Dispenser:
  • There was a POAP at the Nikolaj Kunstol museum in Copenhagen.
  • The Blockchain Club at Berklee College of Music distributed a POAP.