News and updates from the POAP ecosystem

Week in POAP


  • Decrypt published a piece on innovative tech at this year's US Open Tennis Championships, happening now in New York. The article discussed the POAP that Amex is dropping at the event, and how Amex cardholders can now connect their POAPs to their accounts to unlock exclusive benefits and perks.




  • POAPs at the Amex Fan Experience at the US Open continued with the Week 2 drop.
  • There were several POAPs (such as one, two, three) and a POAP BINGO game at Korea Blockchain Week in Seoul:
A sign at the entrance of KBW telling people to look out for POAPs.
  • A POAP for students enrolled in a Princeton University course on the principles of blockchain.
  • Push Protocol dropped POAPs at events in Indore and Kolkata.
  • Warner Music Mexico dropped a POAP at a birthday celebration in Mexico City.
  • WADE dropped a POAP using Tokenproof at an event in Seoul (tweet).
  • NFT Now and FACTBLOCK dropped a POAP at the third iteration of "The Gateway."
  • WalletConnect dropped a POAP at a team-building event in Portugal.
  • dropped a POAP during their August community call.
  • At ETHWarsaw, there was a POAP treasure hunt: