The hottest news and updates from the POAP ecosystem

This Week in POAP


  • GQ published a recap and photo gallery of their NFT NYC party and mentioned the POAP for attendees.
  • Decrypt, Jing Daily, and The Garnette Report also recapped NFT NYC, highlighting the 9dcc treasure hunt (more details from 9dcc) and Wrangler/Jeremy Booth POAP drops.



  • The POAP commercial use policy is officially live:
  • Check out a time lapse of last week's POAP Art paint party to celebrate the Ethereum Shapella upgrade; 632 people placed 208,862 pixels on the canvas.


  • IYK announced a new card with additional features that allow you to seamlessly showcase your digital identity (and dropped a POAP to commemorate the moment).
  • With Adidas as its first use case, Tokenproof announced a new "offers" feature, though which brands and communities can reward users with discounts and offers.


Highlights from NFT NYC:

  • Adidas dropped 8 POAPs at their ALTS event. Those who collected all 8 received a t-shirt with an NFC chip that... minted another POAP.
  • The 9dcc treasure hunt POAPs at landmarks around NYC.
  • The GQ POAP.
  • SuperRare x Bang & Olufsen dropped a POAP for visiting the B&O Showroom in SoHo and a second POAP during a VIP event.
  • The Utopia metaverse, part of a collab with Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova, dropped a POAP at their launch party.
  • NFT Now dropped a POAP at their first Now Pass community event.
  • Venture capital firm Union Square Ventures dropped a POAP via NFC-enabled items in their office.
  • Venture fund Collab + Currency dropped a POAP at a mixer in SoHo.
  • The law firm Foley & Lardner dropped a POAP for people who visited their booth.
  • VaynerSports and Veefriends dropped a POAP at a satellite event. The POAP also functions as a raffle ticket for a VaynerSports Pass NFT.
  • Farcaster dropped a POAP at a community meetup.
  • Obscura dropped a POAP at the Black Box NFT Art Festival.
  • Many notable artists and individuals dropped You Met Me POAPs, including: artist Bryan Brinkman, Keith Soljacich of Publicis Media (LinkedIn post), artist Jeremy Booth (minted via tapping his jacket), and a dentist.

Other cool drops:

  • The Pet Shop Boys dropped their first POAP.
  • Porsche dropped another POAP and hinted at future utility for holders.
  • A POAP at an event featuring Angela Davis.
  • Bayer dropped a POAP to commemorate World Hemophilia Day.
  • The Azuki NYC community dropped another POAP.
  • The Decentralized Science conference in Tokyo dropped a POAP for attendees (DeSci Tokyo tweet).
  • The Shapella Painting Party POAP and the coinciding EthStaker livestream POAP, both sold via POAP Checkout.
  • Richie Hawtin dropped POAPs at shows in Switzerland and Budapest.
  • A POAP for attending a digital art exhibition during the grand opening of the first GameStop Flagship Store in Via Torino, Milan.
  • Spanish basketball team Movistar Estudiantes dropped another POAP during a league game in Madrid.
  • The World of Women dropped a POAP during a community event.
  • The Ethereum Support Program dropped a POAP to high scorers on their ESP quiz at ETHGlobal Tokyo.
  • dropped a POAP for attendees.
  • Gnosis Chain was one of many entities to drop You Met Me and/or booth POAPs during ETHGlobal Tokyo.
  • Rocket Pool sold a POAP to commemorate the Atlas upgrade of the protocol, which allows RP node operators to run Ethereum validators (AKA minipools) with only 8 ETH.
  • The Zuzalu community dropped a POAP for participants in a public goods hackathon.
  • DIVA Donate dropped two POAPs (silver and gold) to people who donated money to support pastoralists in Kenya.
  • The Manchester Blockchain Alliance dropped a POAP at an MBA roundtable.
  • Web3 Texas dropped a POAP at their Houston launch party.
  • A meetup in Lyon dropped a POAP and so did a meetup in Columbus, Ohio.