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Week in POAP

Dencun POAP Raises More Than $100,000 for Ethereum Solo Stakers

Last week, the Ethereum network celebrated a successful Dencun upgrade; during the live watch party for the event (hosted by the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Cat Herders, The Daily Gwei, and the EthStaker community), there was a POAP available to purchase for .003 ETH to commemorate this key milestone on the Ethereum roadmap:

All money raised from the POAP went to Smoothly, an open source protocol that supports Ethereum solo stakers by letting them pool together and share staking rewards. The donations will be distributed directly to the smoothing pool, further incentivizing the decentralization of the Ethereum network through solo staking. Interest in the POAP exceeded expectations, with 10,000+ mints.

“The incredible success of this grassroots effort shows how POAP can be such a powerful tool to fundraise and spread awareness of your org and cause,” said Kody, founder of Smoothly. “The thing really took off!” 

This is the latest of many EthStaker collaborations that utilized POAP to fund key facets of the Ethereum ecosystem. Notable previous Drops include the Mainnet Merge POAP, which raised money for Ethereum protocol contributors and had nearly 15,000 mints.

“People love collecting these pieces of Ethereum lore,” said Nixo, Executive Director of EthStaker. “Years later, they can look through their collections and prove they were there to witness this historic moment in Ethereum history.”



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  • A POAP to celebrate Pi Day.