Discover exciting POAP use cases, product launches, and POAPs spotted in the wild.

Week in POAP


  • A recap of the POAP scavenger hunt put on by the Swiss NFT Association during their Web3 Fest Unconference.
  • POAP Studio held a LinkedIn Live to discuss Farcaster and decentralized social networks.



  • Legendary outdoor theater Filmnächte am Elbufer in Dresden is dropping a POAP during their summer kickoff event – collectors get $5 off their next movie.
  • Bankless POAP holders can vote on topics for upcoming shows.
  • A POAP for visiting the "Music as Medicine" Bayer stage at Fête de la Musique 2024 in Berlin.
  • A POAP for attendees of the Onchain Summer Solstice event in New York.
  • World of Women dropped a POAP for attending an exclusive film screening in London.
  • CryptoPunks dropped a POAP at their 2nd annual birthday bash in New York:
  • Limechain dropped a POAP at a team-building event in Bulgaria.
  • DIVA Donate is dropping POAPs for gold and silver tier donations to pastoral farmers in Kenya.
  • A POAP for throwing soup at the artist foodmasku during the Rio Art Residency Show (check out the POAP Moments):
  • A POAP for participating in a no-code frames workshop.
  • A POAP for attending Swarm Summit 2024 in Slovenia.
  • Division Zero dropped a POAP during a career workshop in Singapore: